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Too White for Me“: Still in his role as the innocent Brit in Africa, ludicrously encumbered by earphones and microphones, Broomfield turns to Chicco Twala – one of South Africa’s black millionaires.

See This Movie

See This Movie“: Two bumbling but determined three-day film school graduates enter the Montreal World Film Festival with a feature film that doesn’t exist.

Tatooed Tears

Tattooed Tears“: An intimate, hands on encounter with a maximum security juvenile correctional facility in Chino California.

Fanny, Annie, & Danny

Fanny, Annie, & Danny“: In Chris Brown’s latest, finely-crafted feature, Fanny, Annie & Danny are dysfunctional adult siblings brought together by their horrific mother for the Christmas holiday. Like just about everything in Brown’s work, what seems commonplace on the surface becomes riveting in the details. As with a tsunami building strength silently offshore, we sense the impending climax without knowing exactly when it will hit – or how hard.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes“: Connor Stephens is not your average 21-year-old suburbanite. He has a love for the soul/funk dance scene not common in his part of town. However, when his passion for the scene is questioned, he goes to the ultimate length to prove himself. He enters Soul Stage, the most competitive and revered soul/funk dance show in the country. He doesn’t look like the rest of the dancers, which undoubtedly, makes Connor an easy target. But here, everyoneis a threat and everyone wants to win. Can he prove he has what it takes to be the best? He must decide for himself. It’s not bragging rights, it’s for respect.



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