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Today’s New Release: SAINTS AND SOLDIERS

"When I first got here, I was working on this kid; he was shot up pretty bad, and he kept saying, 'Please, God, please God', over and over... like it MEANT something. He was [just] so sincere about it, I thought it might work. Two minutes later he was dead. Wasn't a THING I could do about it. When I looked into his eyes, wasn't nuthin' there... … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: A PERFECT LIFE

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: A PERFECT LIFE Cheaters and the unfaithful, BEWARE, you never know what you might be getting yourself into. This is the movie that is about exactly that. Some reviews had said "A Perfect Life" is similar to "Fatal Attraction" but if that is the case, I would have to say it is more like "Fatal Attraction" on … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: WASTELAND

"People gotta realize that... that somethin' better's NEVER coming. THIS is all they is and we GOTTA get used to it. Mankind's going back to the way of the 8-track!" ~POPS (Saladin Florence) explaining to Keo (Garret T. Sato) how cold and harsh the apocalyptic world really is now, especially after Caine's (Derrel Maury) scavengers ransacked Pops's … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: TINY LITTLE LIES

"This is bulls**t! Michael, you are TOO calm and TOO collected, okay? And Dominick?? It's like an evening at the Improv! Crystal... is DEAD, and you two are sitting here perfectly comfortable... touching up the details!!" ~MARTI (Jaclyn Kerhulas) trying to compose herself -and the overall situation- after discovering the murdered corpse of her … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: TRACKS (The *Award-Winning* LGBT Short Film)

"Me being gay doesn't mean you failed as a mother, and once you understand that, then maybe "WE" can be US again!" ~JULIE (Tasha Villard) to her church-going mother Debra (Kemba Gosier), after Debra attempts to woo her lesbian teenage daughter back to the "straight and narrow" path with one book in particular: MY EX-GAY LIFE: THE ROAD BACK TO … [Read More...]