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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

I cannot stress enough how jazzed we are about this photo and the magic that is happening to bring the Star Wars saga back to the silver … [Read More...]

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the things between us

Today’s New Release: THE THINGS BETWEEN US

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: THE THINGS BETWEEN US   Get ready viewers, because it honestly does not get much hotter than this steamy, passionate flick! Miriam (Daniel Wutte) is a beautiful, school librarian in a seemingly stable marriage. Her husband, Bernd (Christopher Jacobi), is a respectable and affluent mayor of the small Rhineland town … [Read More...]



"Well, ya remember those hippies I was tellin' ya about, this is where they shot their little films." (continued) "As you can imagine, sound of moans, people pleasurin' on one another... but it always ends in crying, kinda like real life. Mean, you know what they say, "lap dance ain't no lap dance unless the stripper's crying," right? Hmm, hahah!" … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: SHAME (UNCUT) a.k.a “STYD”

"Lenochka, don't be shy. We must keep together now, like one family. And you're always alone. Their job is sailing, ours is waiting. Raising the children. We should find a job for you, something to DO. Just waiting is very hard." ~VALENTINA IVANOVNA (Khelga Filippova), giving advice to newly arrived wife Lenochka (Maria Semenova), as she tries to … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: METRO (a.k.a. Метро)

"I was taught to swim by the sadist method. You know, when they throw you in the deep end. They say the instinct of self-preservation kicks in. But I don't have any instincts. I'm a human, not an animal. I almost drowned, and now I have a phobia." ~MIKHAIL (Stanislav Duzhnikov), the chunky tunnel survivor who just won't stop talking, nervously … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: INDIGO HEARTS

"Well... won't you just let me stick my soft little marshmallow in your dried-up little piggy bank?" ~BILL (Tom Rees), jesting to his new paramour, Lilly (Pamela Mattioli), before they make love for the first time. Today's New Release: INDIGO HEARTS           Shot in Panasonic HD Varicam, and featuring the music of "STAMPEAD," "GOOD … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: SNOW MAIDEN

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: SNOW MAIDEN This nail-biting thriller has enough steam and suspense to keep you up and panting at the screen, viewers. My favorite quote in "Snow Maiden" is uttered by a college student, who says "They say you shouldn't fight yourself, it is not an even match." When it comes to the life of Alexei, a married, … [Read More...]