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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

I cannot stress enough how jazzed we are about this photo and the magic that is happening to bring the Star Wars saga back to the silver … [Read More...]

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Today’s New Release: Tupac Shakur: BEFORE I DIE

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: TUPAC SHAKUR: BEFORE I DIE The late 80's and 90's were my teen years, I grew up in Oakland, and with a passion for rap music, I grew up listening and loving the music of Tupac Shakur. To this day, I know every song, verbatim, and prefer to listen to his music at what some may consider to be "ignorant sound … [Read More...]

3 tunnels

Today’s New Release: 3 TUNNELS TO HELL

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: 3 TUNNELS TO HELL   "3 Tunnels To Hell" directed by James Beckett is an engaging little horror ride with enough mystery to hold any viewers interest. A man has inherited some property in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest and must venture there to check out the property and run the camp that is there. A group … [Read More...]


Today’s Feature Showcase: HETEROSEXUAL JILL (Part II: The Shaela Cook Interview)

Well, Sunday has arrived, my BIGSTAR subscribers, and with it comes the follow-up to yesterday's HETEROSEXUAL JILL review: the Shaela Cook interview. She is both an accomplished actor and producer who resides in Los Angeles with her family. She's appeared in Lifetime's WILLIAM & KATE, the film STRING THEORY (alongside Brad Carter of the SyFy … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: HETEROSEXUAL JILL (PART I: The Review)

"Hi, thanks. Um, my name's Mary, and I went to a series of ex-lesbian meetings where they showed gay male pornography. They said it would be twice as effective, you know, "men x 2"... and it was hot. Those gay men (expletive) each other was really hot." ~MARY (Allyson Mandelbaum) addressing the "Reclaiming Your Lesbianism" support group that a very … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: PREYING FOR MERCY

"Just help me. Help me protect my family, Barb... and I'll tell you everything, man. I'll tell you everything." ~Detective FRANK GATES (Jayson Gladstone), telling his partner Detective Donnie "Barb" Barbello (David Newer), how he'll come clean regarding an incident from his past; one that's come back in full force to haunt both his police family, … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: HENDRIX ON HENDRIX (A Rockumentary)

"The way Jimi dressed, he wanted to have colors and he was proud of his Indian heritage. He had this natural charisma, and he wore the women's shirts; just pretty..." ~LEON HENDRIX (Jimi's younger brother) on how the guitar legend came into his own fashion style. Today's New Release: HENDRIX ON HENDRIX (A Rockumentary)          This is an … [Read More...]