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Recently, I had the pleasure of screening a picture that, once again, included someone I just happen to know through the Los Angeles 99-seat theatre … [Read More...]

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Today’s New Release: THE LITTLE THINGS

"We're soul mates, Mitch. Well, at least we were until I stepped in and started changing things. But that's why I said to you that you weren't gonna find true happiness if you became successful, because... well, we'd always be apart." ~ whacky clairvoyant DEE O'KEEFE (Kathryn Beck) confessing to Mitch Miller (Chris Hillier) why 15 years earlier she … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: STEALING ROSES

"No, I'm NOT divorcing my wife, NOT- th...that would kill her faster than the cancer! What you're tellin' me is that I'm a failure even at being POOR!" ~WALTER DOMAS (John Heard) snapping at social worker Janice Williams (Lisa Pescia), after she suggests Walter divorce his cancer-stricken wife Rose (Cindy Williams), so that Rose can then qualify … [Read More...]

margarine wars

Today’s New Release: MARGARINE WARS

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: MARGARINE WARS Ever had a bad day and needed something, anything, to turn that day around? Ever felt like you needed to laugh and just escape to a happier place because you are fighting off tears or frustration? Well, viewers, I had such a day, then "Margarine Wars" came along and changed absolutely everything … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: COLLAPSE

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: COLLAPSE   What we have here folks, is another zombie flick, "Collapse" is TRULY a must-see for any avid zombie movie lover! The best part of it all, to me, is that it does not have a great deal of gore and instead relies on the story to instigate fright in the audience. So let us get down to the "meat and … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: ALL SAINTS EVE

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: ALL SAINTS EVE Anytime a horror movie begins with a flashback complete with the murder of a family for biblical, "moral" reasons, I know I am in for a treat! "All Saints Eve" TRULY has it all, it is equipped with a fine premise, a truly spooky cast of characters, sexy young ladies and just the right cheesiness … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: THE DUCK HUNTER

"Ducks are beautiful, their feathers are green, shiny. I pet them when I pick them up. I'm sorry I killed them." "But because they are delicious!"~GINO (Giorgio Paltrinieri), as he tells his friends why he hunts ducks with such fervor. Today's New Release: THE DUCK HUNTER         Debuting during the 2010 Toulouse Rencontres du Cinéma … [Read More...]