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Today’s New Release: 200 POUNDS BEAUTY

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: 200 POUNDS BEAUTY What a TRULY fantastic comedic gem this flick is! I cannot recall the last time I laughed so hard and felt so charmed by a romantic comedy. Written and directed by Kim Yong-hwa "200 Pounds Beauty" was a critical and commercial success when released in 2006. This film received countless … [Read More...]

rag tag

Today’s New Release: RAG TAG

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: RAG TAG If you are a remotely open-minded person and a die-hard romantic, than this film is for you. "Rag Tag" premiered in America in 2006 at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival and was met with mixed emotions. I am sorry for those that were unable to see past a few flaws that frequently occur … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: WELCOME TO THE MACHINE (A Rockumentary)

"The image of the artist is more important than the music of the artist. That's the starting point. Just being who I am, and dressing like I dress and doing the music I do; I'm selecting people to identify with. That's what image does." ~CHILLY GONZALEZ (musician) on what today's music industry finds most important: marketability. Today's New … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: A PARADIGM SHIFT (The Award-Winning Surf Documentary)

"Love Mom" ~CJ NELSON (there's NO dialogue in this film, but those words ARE tattooed into CJ's right arm, so I thought it's worth mentioning) Today's New Release: A PARADIGM SHIFT (The Award-Winning Surf Documentary)          Winner of both *Best Editing* and *Best Soundtrack* at the 9th International Surf Film Festival (d’Anglet, … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: EMPIRE: THE WHITEWATER STORY (The Award-Winning Kayaking Documentary)

"You know, every time I'm gearing up to go kayaking, like, when it's THIS cold outside, I just don't even know why I'm doing it. Like I could be sleeping right now -other stuff- and the question I always ask myself is "What am I doing here? Why do we DO this!?!?""~CIARAN BROWN (kayaker) explaining his mental process for chilly whitewater excursions … [Read More...]


BIGSTAR Event Coverage: Interview With NOBILITY Actor Ellen Dubin (a.k.a. Colonel Theia)!

This Halloween weekend, BIGSTAR MOVIES has been covering Comikaze Expo 2015's premiere of the new sci-fi series, NOBILITY. With both our official Twitter and Periscope accounts afire (@bigstarmovies), we nabbed some great one-on-one (and even one-on-two) interviews with cast, crew and creator! Of course, at such an event with continually … [Read More...]