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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

I cannot stress enough how jazzed we are about this photo and the magic that is happening to bring the Star Wars saga back to the silver … [Read More...]

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devils farm

Today’s New Release: DEVIL’S FARM

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: DEVIL'S FARM   “Legend says that 50 active groups of devil worshipers still meet up on most full moons to sacrifice animals. Unexplained disappearances are linked to worshipers kidnapping for human sacrifice. Hunters are sent out to collect victims but nothing has been proven…until now.” This is the opening of … [Read More...]

rock n roll


TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: ROCK N' ROLL FRANKENSTEIN   This is one of THE MOST delightfully offensive movies I have watched in forever! From cow brains-to-massive amounts of cocaine-to men conversing with dead rats-to body parts soaked in formaldehyde, this is one strange horror trip to take! There is seriously something that is going to … [Read More...]

little red devil1

Today’s New Release: LITTLE RED DEVIL

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: LITTLE RED DEVIL   “Little Red Devil” opens with a lovely, perky breasted young woman clearly making love to the devil, revolting “flash” images of monsters dripping in some sort of ooze and as her breasts are splattered in blood,  she screams out; “I just want to SERVE you!” Get ready for plenty of blood and gore … [Read More...]

Orson Welles Documentary

WATCH: Trailer for “Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles”

Here's the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles." This should be amazing and it's about time someone has tackled this.  However, it can't be easy seeing how one would have to create a film about probably the greatest mind of modern media.  No pressure. If you've been living under a rock, … [Read More...]

Best Pet Costumes

Smile! Adorable Pet Halloween Costumes!

Sometimes it's adorable. Sometimes it's just mean.  But you have to admit these pooches and kitties are so cute that you can't help but smile. Who said Halloween has to be spooky?  Why can't our favorite furry friends get in on the fun with some movie-inspired costumes and more?  Here we go.. "Jurassic Park" kitty Who doesn't like … [Read More...]



"There she is! 76! Dodge! Monaco! Royal! Weeeeeoooooooo!! Aren't ya stoked!?! You guys think it looks like a piece of sh** ?" ~GOOSE (Ted Fred), showing the gang the car in which he'll be driving them to their well-earned demise over at Mosquito River. Today's New Release: PSYCHOS IN THE WOODS: A KILLING FRENZY UNLEASHED             And … [Read More...]