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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

I cannot stress enough how jazzed we are about this photo and the magic that is happening to bring the Star Wars saga back to the silver … [Read More...]

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Today’s New Release: MORTEM

"I'm the part of you that you always neglect because you're always socializing. You repress the desire I inspire in you... you never let me out... now, it's MY turn to call the shots." ~THE SOUL (Diana Rudychenko) letting Jena (Daria Panchenko) know why only Jena herself can see her apparition, and what other "haunting" she has in store for the … [Read More...]

Chris Hemsworth Sexiest Man Alive

5 Facts About Chris Hemsworth, ‘Sexiest Man Alive’

  That's right.  People Magazine has chosen Australian born Chris Hemsworth as their new Sexiest Man Alive. "I'm most excited about the 'alive' portion of that statement," Hemsworth, 31, said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Tuesday, where his People magazine cover was revealed.  "The sexy is a bonus, and I'm flattered." Aside from his good looks, … [Read More...]



TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: PSYCHOPATHS: SEX WITH HOSTAGES   This is one of those movies where it is all going to come down to taste and personal preference. “Psychopaths: Sex with Hostages” pretty much spells out all that you can imagine in its title. What type of “horror film junkie” are you? To speak for only myself, I can say, without a … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: COMMON SENSES

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: COMMON SENSES   Before one begins this movie, we need to first understand the essence of what is called Dogme 95 and what this essentially means, for us as the viewers. "The essence of Dogme95 is to challenge the conventional film language – in order to make authentic films, in search of the truth. This implicates … [Read More...]

Exit No.6

Today’s New Release: EXIT NO.6

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: EXIT NO.6 “Exit No.6” was such a refreshing, bright and surprisingly fun film I cannot say enough about it! It is crazy, stylized, current and a truly poetic tale of the young youth of Korea today. Perfect depictions of adolescent struggle, worries, and needs; “Exit No.6” delivers all the beauty of the youth of today … [Read More...]



"We're FINE, Mom. We're ALWAYS fine without you." ~RAYMOND CHENG (Michael Chen), letting single mother Elaine (Cindy Cheung) know that he and his younger, underage sister Tina (Crystal Chiu) can get by on their own since mastering the art of being "latch-key kids." Today's New Release: CHILDREN OF INVENTION         *Winner* of numerous … [Read More...]