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Star Wars Episode VII Cast Revealed

I cannot stress enough how jazzed we are about this photo and the magic that is happening to bring the Star Wars saga back to the silver … [Read More...]

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Today’s New Release: THE LACKEY

"The Russian: there's not much known about him, other than he always completes his work. My guess is, is that he isn't even Russian, but the title itself strikes fear and respect, not to mention... anonymity. One thing's for sure; you come face-to-face with him, it's already too late." ~JUDE ST. CLERE (Shaun Paul Piccinino), describing the lethal … [Read More...]



"Hey man, listen, I really wanna thank you for everything you've done. I think I got this... still gonna make a cheat-sheet in case I've a brain shart, but uh, yeah, I think I've got this." ~FINN (Eric Toms), thanking his 15-year-old roommate Toby (Todd Gaebe) for helping him study for his mid-terms... though he still may cheat to be … [Read More...]

Holiday Engagement

Today’s Movie: Hallmark Channel’s Family Hit “HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT”

Today's Movie: Hallmark Channel's Family Hit "HOLIDAY ENGAGEMENT" “Holiday Engagement” is a lighthearted look at Hillary Burns (Bonnie Somerville) a writer for a newspaper, desperate attempt to gain her mothers Meredith Burns (Shelley Long} approval. As she is about to bring home the “Perfect catch”, her fiancée Jason (Chris McKenna) to meet her … [Read More...]

closet space1

Today’s New Release: CLOSET SPACE

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: CLOSET SPACE   Hands down, one of my favorite lines to ever be uttered in a horror flick comes from “Closet Space” folks, “Do I look like Buffy the Vampire Slayer to you?” Oh yes, we are talking about an epic low-budget film here. Why is it so epic, you may wonder? Well, it is done with complete and utter finesse, … [Read More...]

Either Way

Today’s New Release: Iceland’s Comedic Drama “EITHER WAY”

Today's New Release: Iceland's Comedic Drama "EITHER WAY" 2011's "Either Way" is one of the most successful films to have come out of Iceland, and viewers, this is a "dram-edy" you absolutely cannot miss! Considering this was Icelandic director Hafsteinn Sigurosson's debut feature film, it is no less than a true testament to his talents when I … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: China’s Award-Winning 2007 Documentary- CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (ZUI YU FA)

"If I'm not busy on the farm, I'm here collecting scrap. Where else would I be? Besides, it's not like I'm a murderer, running from the law. I'm just a junk collector. Hardly beats begging, but what else is an old guy like me going to do?" ~WANG YUFU, trying to talk the police into giving him his junk cart back, after he claims his sales permit for … [Read More...]