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Recently, I had the pleasure of screening a picture that, once again, included someone I just happen to know through the Los Angeles 99-seat theatre … [Read More...]

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Today’s New Release: FIVE STAR DAY

"Alright. So, um... where to start? Look, 75% of all newspapers in the United States have a daily horoscope column. According to FOX News, 29% of Americans say that they believe in astrology even though the scientific community still classifies astrology as superstition, and not an actual form of science. Yet the population keeps believing." ~JAKE … [Read More...]



  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: THE PIPEDREAMS PROJECT The year is 2010, it is in the month of May that the Enbridge corporation has submitted a proposal to build a pipeline that will link Alberta's Tar Sands to the North Coast of British Columbia, with this act, crude oil supertankers would forever change the pristine waters of this place. … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: PAUL MOONEY’S ANALYZING WHITE AMERICA (A Stand-Up Comedy Special)

"Do we HAVE a Vice-President?? That little rabbit has been hiding since 9-11. We should have known RIGHT from the beginning: Anytime you get a Bush and a 'Dick' together, SOMEBODY gonna get (expletive)!!" ~PAUL MOONEY (legendary *Emmy-nominated* comedy writer) reflecting on the smarminess of the now-former U.S. Veep Dick Cheney, in this 2002 … [Read More...]

7 kilos

Today’s New Release: 7 KILOS

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: 7 KILOS Written and directed by Pablo Veliz, "7 Kilos" is not an award winning masterpiece, but it IS an entertaining, suspenseful delight perfect for my Sunday afternoon downtime. The movie starts out right in the thick of things, which, I must admit, I really appreciated in this film about gangs and drugs. We … [Read More...]

ON THE SHORE - Beau Rivage

Today’s New Release: ON THE SHORE (a.k.a. BEAU RIVAGE)

"She was cute, sexy. Not like me. Not long ago we went to the beach together. She picked me up from school. I met her brother..." ~VALOU (Fanny Lefebvre), discusses Sandra with Police Major Matarasso (Duval), but is cut short by her mother before she dishes on anything revealing. The leaning in and hand-holding during this scene isn't CREEPY at … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: GUSTO

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: GUSTO This sports documentary takes us deep into the lives of two brilliant legends, Tony Roberts and Mark Hubbard. As surfing and skateboarding tend to have a great deal of physical similarities, it is no wonder that "Gusto" was eager to pair these two sports together in this exciting series. In the first … [Read More...]