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Zac Efron's "That Awkward Moment" didn't stand a chance at the box office this weekend. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube's comedy "Ride Along" took first place … [Read More...]

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Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney, an award-winning actor and Hollywood legend who appeared in more than 300 films and TV programs, died on April 6.  He was 93. Born … [Read More...]

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The Sleeping Wife


Today's New Release: LA RAGION PURA (The Sleeping Wife) This spicy, Italian comedy about a husband attempting to rekindle his marriage was written, directed and produced by the talented Auteur Silvano Agosti. Starring the incomparable Franco Nero who has played in over fourteen films and the breathtakingly gorgeous Eleanora Brigliadori this … [Read More...]

One Man and His Dog

WATCH: Off-Beat Alien Short Film “ONE MAN AND HIS DOG”

  Since it's Monday, we thought you might need a short getaway while sitting at your desk…  So we're featuring Short Films like the fun and quirky "One Man and His Dog" by Jonathan Hopkins. Synopsis: "A gentle alien visits the troubled planet earth.  He is a galactic peace ambassador and mankind's only hope of salvation.  After landing in a … [Read More...]

psychofony pic

Today’s New Release: PSYCHOPHONY

 Today's New Release: PSYCHOPHONY This 2012 paranormal thriller (a.k.a PARANORMAL VITALITY) from Director Xavier Berraondo almost plays like a supernatural, melodramatic version of CLUE, or even Neil Simon's MURDER BY DEATH; invite a select bunch of schizophrenics over to a very haunted house, each of whom is bringing along either their … [Read More...]

ichi 1 featured shit

Today’s New Release: ICHI 1: ORIGIN

                                                          Today's New Release: ICHI 1: ORIGIN "What does it mean to be the strongest?" Well, after viewing the bloodbath that is ICHI 1: ORIGIN, you might say patience, and the ability to walk AWAY from confrontation... for you never know who you might be picking a fight with! ICHI THE … [Read More...]

more than two hours

Today’s New Release: MORE THAN TWO HOURS

 TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: MORE THAN TWO HOURS “More Than Two Hours” is an Iranian short film directed by Ali Asgari which was rightfully nominated for Palme d’or at Festival De Cannes 2013. At 3 a.m. a man and woman are driving thru the city streets in search of urgent medical care for the woman. Met with much adversity at more than one … [Read More...]

Virgin featured1


     Today's New Release: VIRGIN STRIPPED BY HER BACHELORS *Winner* for Best Screenplay at the 2000 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, as well as a picking up the Special Jury Prize at the 2000 Tokyo International Film Festival, this piece stars the late Eun-ju Lee as Soo-jung, a virgin who riggers the trials and tribulations of dating in the … [Read More...]