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Today’s New Release: TINY LITTLE LIES

"This is bulls**t! Michael, you are TOO calm and TOO collected, okay? And Dominick?? It's like an evening at the Improv! Crystal... is DEAD, and you two are sitting here perfectly comfortable... touching up the details!!" ~MARTI (Jaclyn Kerhulas) trying to compose herself -and the overall situation- after discovering the murdered corpse of her … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: TRACKS (The *Award-Winning* LGBT Short Film)

"Me being gay doesn't mean you failed as a mother, and once you understand that, then maybe "WE" can be US again!" ~JULIE (Tasha Villard) to her church-going mother Debra (Kemba Gosier), after Debra attempts to woo her lesbian teenage daughter back to the "straight and narrow" path with one book in particular: MY EX-GAY LIFE: THE ROAD BACK TO … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: KILL THE RECORD LABELS (A Hip-Hop Documentary)

"There's record labels know that DJ's are the backbone of hip-hop, and politics are mixed with corporate culture, the corporate world and street culture, so that could be a good mix for you, bad mix for you. You gotta go through it, take advantage and go to the top." ~DJ WARRIOR, and his thoughts about the world market of mixtapes, and the … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: DEATH AND CREMATION

"I f*****g cremate dead bodies." ~JAROD LEARY (Jeremy Sumpter), annoyingly telling his mother's mustachioed d-bag boyfriend Rick Waters (Sam Ingraffia) what he does at Stanley Crematorium on the corner of Lassen & 5th; NOT to be confused with the funeral home on Sherman Way, mind you! Today's New Release: DEATH AND CREMATION           … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: PATRICK STEPHENS FREESTYLE: PART 3 (An Extreme Sports Showcase)

"Patrick Stephens is MONEY, baby! Already! Already, baby! Uh-huh!" ~NEGATIVE MAN (a.k.a. some poor random homeless man that Patrick Stephens seemingly decided to exploit) while dancing "the cabbage patch" in a parking lot with another homeless man named Cory "Lil C", whilst flanked by a giant pig in plaid overalls. *facepalm* Today's New … [Read More...]