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Recently, I had the pleasure of screening a picture that, once again, included someone I just happen to know through the Los Angeles 99-seat theatre … [Read More...]

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black like me

Today’s New Release: BLACK LIKE ME

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: BLACK LIKE ME It is imperative at times, to put things into appropriate context, so before delving into the film, "Black Like Me," please understand that this movie is based on a book written by journalist John Howard Griffin and published back in 1961. Furthermore, this film later followed, having been … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: TROMPIE

"I just wanted to stroke the fat one, that's all." ~TROMPIE (Andre Laubscher) to his parents after falling into the backyard pond while trying to catch one of its fish by hand. (*Hehehehe* He got busted by his folks trying to "stroke the fat one.") Today's New Release: TROMPIE          Based on the popular kids' book series by author … [Read More...]



"What are you saying? Never give up, do you hear me? You're beautiful, you're talented. Self-pity will lead you nowhere." ~MAZAL (Galit Giat) to her trachoma-stricken teenage daughter Ruhama (Sivan Paz-Buganim), who now feels her beloved will not marry her due to her going blind. Today's New Release: THE GOLDEN POMEGRANATE (a.k.a. RIMON … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: RUN TO GROUND

"Have you ever thought about what you would do if you met him?" ~PETER (Andrew Hefler), to Alma (Kata Bartsch), in regards of the chance of her coming face-to-face with her stalker. Would vigilantism set in, as it does for Peter? Find out! Today's New Release: RUN TO GROUND Known in it’s native country as UTOLER, and previously titled … [Read More...]

busting out

Today’s New Release: BUSTING OUT

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: BUSTING OUT "Busting Out" is a documentary that explores all of the sides of, breasts. From the history of human perspective on breasts to the present day attitude about them, "Busting Out" dives right in, utilizing actual interviews, commentaries and facts. Examining the breast culture, specifically in … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: TURNING POINT

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: TURNING POINT   "Turning Point" is a high-end drama, with a great deal of finesse and intricate characters. With a supporting cast that includes Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters) and Todd Bridges, and some phenomenal new actors such as Jackie Appiah and Igoni Archibong, it is easy to understand why this piece … [Read More...]