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Recently, I had the pleasure of screening a picture that, once again, included someone I just happen to know through the Los Angeles 99-seat theatre … [Read More...]

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margarine wars

Today’s New Release: MARGARINE WARS

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: MARGARINE WARS Ever had a bad day and needed something, anything, to turn that day around? Ever felt like you needed to laugh and just escape to a happier place because you are fighting off tears or frustration? Well, viewers, I had such a day, then "Margarine Wars" came along and changed absolutely everything … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: COLLAPSE

TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: COLLAPSE   What we have here folks, is another zombie flick, "Collapse" is TRULY a must-see for any avid zombie movie lover! The best part of it all, to me, is that it does not have a great deal of gore and instead relies on the story to instigate fright in the audience. So let us get down to the "meat and … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: ALL SAINTS EVE

  TODAY'S NEW RELEASE: ALL SAINTS EVE Anytime a horror movie begins with a flashback complete with the murder of a family for biblical, "moral" reasons, I know I am in for a treat! "All Saints Eve" TRULY has it all, it is equipped with a fine premise, a truly spooky cast of characters, sexy young ladies and just the right cheesiness … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: THE DUCK HUNTER

"Ducks are beautiful, their feathers are green, shiny. I pet them when I pick them up. I'm sorry I killed them." "But because they are delicious!"~GINO (Giorgio Paltrinieri), as he tells his friends why he hunts ducks with such fervor. Today's New Release: THE DUCK HUNTER         Debuting during the 2010 Toulouse Rencontres du Cinéma … [Read More...]


Today’s New Release: SHE: THEIR LOVE STORY

"I surreptitiously seize happiness from the time that's left with the last love of my life." ~BUA (Penpak Sirikul) to her young lover June (Ann Siriwan Baker), as she still tries to live and love while battling the cancer that's robbing her of both her newfound joy, and the daughter and husband she's broken over hurting with her recent … [Read More...]



"Rey, what are ya doing?? You got a cartoon face on your ass, a cigarette in your p***y, and Mai's teddy bear she just spent 100,000 tickets for in the game room downstairs!" ~JO (Sarah Nicklin) to Reyna (Glenda Galeano), as they both prep and argue about the upcoming fetish convention whilst in their hotel room... and then the s**t hits the fan... … [Read More...]