‘Lego’ Stays in First Place with $63.5 Million

‘The Lego Movie’ impressed the best at the box office for the second weekend in a row, bringing in $63.5 million. The first spot winner stunned critics as it cruised to the top of the box for Valentine’s Day Weekend.


‘About Last Night’ starring Kevin Hart debuted at number two this weekend, with $28.5 million. This is his second big film of the month, making 2014 a great year for Kevin Hart so far.

The remake of the 1987 film ‘Robocop’ captured third place for the weekend, taking in $26.4 million.

Get Your Own In-Home IMAX Movie Theater for $2 Million

If you have some spare change lying around, then why not get an IMAX movie theater for your home? The job will only cost you $2 million, but the convenience factor would be priceless.

IMAX will be installing its first home theater in a Miami Beach home later this year. The company expects to sell 15 additional theaters next year.

All you need for installation is room in your home for a 20-foot wide curved screen that goes floor to ceiling. The screen will be 3D-enabled, allowing for an epic movie night at your place.

What would you do to have this amazing piece of machinery in your home?

‘Jurassic Park’ Motion Poster Features Dinosaurs in 3D

The motion poster above gives us a nice preview of what to expect for Jurassic Park 3D when it hits theaters in 3D next month. The teaser movie gives a glimpse of what will surely be a feast for the eyes when Jurassic Park 3D arrives at the box office.

The 3D version of the 1993 Spielberg classic is bound to tear up the competition in theaters. For now, prepare your ears for the sound and sight of dinosaurs in 3D by watching the motion poster above.

‘The Little Mermaid 3D’ Canceled

Walt Disney Pictures has decided to pull the plug on the re-release of the 1989 movie, “The Little Mermaid.”

According to The Los Angeles Times, Disney has decided not to continue the 3D conversion process for the movie which began in November.

The reason for the cancellation for the film is unknown and shocking, as The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Monsters Inc. all had successful 3D launches.

The conversion has already cost Walt Disney Pictures millions, but what is a couple million for Disney, right?

The film was scheduled to hit theaters next September.

Angry Birds Movie Will Arrive in 2016

The Angry Birds game celebrated its 3-year anniversary with 30 additional levels and some big news. Rovio Entertainment announced the details for the Angry Birds movie in celebration of the big anniversary.

The Despicable Me producer will bring a 3D animated Angry Birds movie to the big screen in 2016. If the movie is half as addicting as the game, then we will be seeing it over and over again.

There have not been any announcements yet regarding the plot of the film. Stay tuned for more details — Squawk!


Watch the First 9 Minutes of “Star Trek Into Darkness” in IMAX 3D

Source: screenrant.com

Moviegoers can prepare themselves for what could be the biggest tease of all time. Although the actual ‘Stark Trek’ film doesn’t hit theaters until May 2013, Paramount Pictures will be showing the first 9 minutes of the film in IMAX 3D Dec. 14.

‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ is the sequel for the 2009 ‘Stark Trek’ movie. Similar to the original film, the second movie has been directed by J.J. Abrams.

The extended preview of the film will be shown in select theaters. The actual film has a release date of May 17, 2013.

‘Hobbit’ Movie Introduces New Technology


“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” will make history when it is released December 2014. The film will be launched in a variety of platforms including: RealD 3D, IMAX 3D, and High Frame Rate.

High Frame Rate, also known as HFR, means that the film will screen in 48 frames per second. The normal frame rate is 24 frames per second. “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” will be the first film to use this technology, making history in the world of film.

Tickets for the movie in HFR will be sold for theaters that can provide the technology to show the film in this special format.

Are You Ready For ‘Chainsaw’ in 3D?


Yup, that’s right. ‘Texas Chainsaw’ will hit theaters Jan. 4, 2013 for your screaming pleasure in both 2D and 3D. Lionsgate released this chilling poster for the thriller earlier today. The life-size poster will be on-display at New York’s Comic Con this weekend.

The film will pick up where the 1974 classic left off, in Newt, Texas. A young woman named Heather discovers that she has inherited a mansion in Texas from a distant grandmother. She decides to embark on a roadtrip with some friends to check out her newly inherited estate. Little does she know, the cellar of the estate will leave her with more problems than she could ever imagine.

If you smile at the thought of 3D chainsaws in your face, then get ready for ‘Texas Chainsaw’ 3D.

‘Resident Evil’ Dominates the Box Office This Weekend

Source: Collider.com

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ ruled the box office this weekend, taking home $21.1 million. Although the box has been rather sluggish lately, it did not stop the 5th film of the franchise from debuting at the #1 spot.

The re-release of Disney’s ‘Finding Nemo’ in 3D also stayed afloat with $17.5 million.

‘The Master’ broke the per-screen debuting average with $145,949. The film opened on only five screens in New York and LA this weekend, bringing in a total of $729,745.

Monsters, Inc. is Back and in 3D!

Source: Twitter

The monsters are about to return and this time they will be in 3D.

The monsters from Monsters, Inc. will be making their first appearance on the big screen since 2001. So far, the movie has grossed $256 million from ticket, VCR/DVD, and Blu-Ray sales.

Three-dimensional releases have been quite successful for Disney’s animated films. The Lion King, Lion King 2, and Toy Story have all be been re-released in 3D. Finding Nemo and The Little Mermaid are also joining the 3D club this year.

The monsters will be stopping by theaters on December 19 to add a little fright to the holiday season.

Watch the trailer for Monsters, Inc. 3D below: