Today’s (Updated) Re-release: NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE


“Listen, do you… do you need a nap or something? Did you just decide to waste everyone’s time today, was it a conscious decision? Because THIS IS HOW YOU COCK A GUN, okay, you see that!?!?! Just like THAT, is that close enough for you!?!” ~Director WES POLAND (James Piper) yelling at the elderly actor playing the older version of Rose (Ellen Albertini Dow) on the set of his spoof-movie sequel, TITANIC 2.


Today’s (Updated) Re-release: NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE

Click to stream AGAIN!!

Click to stream AGAIN!!

        The other week before this Thanksgiving weekend, I was asked by the powers that be here at BIGSTAR, “You have any suggestions or ideas you specifically want to put up over the holiday weekend? We’ve an open spot.” Well, since jumping onboard with the company back in January of this year, I’d yet to get such a spontaneous opportunity. “Well, yeah, in fact I do!”, was my reply. And so, comes this rerelease of one of my favorite indie comedies, NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE. Now, to our seasoned subscribers (who I’ve no doubt are well aware), BIGSTAR has already done an initial review and ranking of this film within the last 14 months or so. I’ve picked this film specifically, however, because it holds a unique place in my heart, soul and funny bone; you see, I’m friends with one of its stars and writers, Mr. James Piper. (Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts via the holidays, an exclusive one-on-one interview -similar to our Brandon Gibson exclusive back in August- wasn’t available in time for this post.) You see, James and I knew each other several years ago while working in the Operational Department at NBCUniversal’s Studio 13. At the time, the seedlings of this idea were being gestated in his creative consciousness, as we’d spend several lunch breaks discussing the ups-and-downs of the business at hand. As time went on, we moved on to bigger and better things; Studio 13 has since been demolished, James is now happily married to a most beautiful woman, and I’m not doing too shabby either. The stories however on this film’s preproduction?? I’d kill to be a fly on the wall during such a wickedly cool experience! (NOTE: Nope, I’m not saying a word! Without James’s interview or official go-ahead, you’ll have to keep imagining what this was like… but maybe NEXT time.)

So you subscribers out there are probably wondering to yourselves, “Geez, why watch this film again?” Well, for one, I’m doing my own, personal re-ranking of the film. Also, I’m betting many of you still haven’t seen it, but with yesterday’s HOLLYWOOD AND WINE, this makes the perfect Part 2 of a fabulous Holiday Comedy Weekend Double-Header! The opening sequence alone with Burt Reynolds as Director C.J. Waters and David Schultz as narcoleptic P.A. Randy at the crafts service table is arguably one of Reynolds’s finest deadpan double-takes in his post-DeLuise cinematic career!! Another great scene is a spoof on A FEW GOOD MEN actor Wolfgang Bodison, who gloriously is an excellent sport throughout a whole all-black-actors-look-the-same bit! I highly recommend we turn the clock back just a tad, and enjoy the splendor that is NOT ANOTHER NOT ANOTHER MOVIE. My buddy James would TRULY appreciate the homage. I also hope everyone’s Holiday Weekend was fantastic!

Directed by David Murphy

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Chevy Chase, Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Wolfgang Bodison, Richard Tyson, James Duval, David Schultz, James Piper, Ellie Gerber

Tagline: We Hate Spoof Movies SO Much We Did A Film About The Idiots Who MAKE Them…

Today’s New Release: NEW BROOKLYN

New Brooklyn

New Brooklyn

Today’s New Release: NEW BROOKLYN

Click to stream!

Click to stream!

      An official selection at both the 2009 Cinequest Film Festival (San Jose, CA) and the 2009 Festivalito VIII (Canary Islands), as well as Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2010 Digital International Film Festival (Vina del Mar, Chile), this drama proves quite a feat, especially since it marks lead actor Blanca Lewin’s first feature in English. In a film about both the determination and reevaluation of one’s aspirations, as well as the painful crossroads that are long-distance relationships, Lewin’s Marta is a most intriguing and vulnerable creature that will break the viewer’s heart repeatedly; “It’s okay, I’m used to being less important.” Lewin holds her own easily here, but it doesn’t hurt to have such a great cast, like Frank Harts (SALT, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT, FX’s THE AMERICANS) as her roommate’s shady brother Eddie, and Matt Cavenaugh (LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT). To listen to Lewin, you’d never think in a million years she hadn’t acted in an English speaking movie prior, but here she delivers with the engaging style of a seasoned pro.

Viewers will enjoy this movie for it’s homages to the cinematography of Brooklyn itself, not to mention the struggles of societal circumstance for each character as they maneuver through their own day-to-day drudgery. Whether it’s Marta’s uncertainty of her newfound place or purpose there after moving all the way from South America, or Angela’s well practiced denial of her brother’s misgivings, NEW BROOKLYN truly isn’t that different from the ‘old’ Brooklyn: you just stick around long enough, you’ll be surprised in all the ways you toughen up, and then grow in a new and bold direction.

Directed by Christopher Cannucciari

Starring: Blanca Lewin, Pablo Cerda, Matt Cavenaugh, Frank Harts, Shelley Thomas, Frank Nasso

Tagline: Change is inevitable

That’s For Me!

Zara Zimmerman is a North London wannabe on a mission to crack the big time at any cost, and her family will do anything to help get her there. No matter that she is utterly talentless and has been rejected by every actors agent going, every friday night her equally delusional mother, failed actor turned dry-cleaner father and assortment of dysfunctional relatives conspire over dinner to plot her inevitable rise to stardom.

But when even a celebrity life coach fails to deliver, they realize the time has come for more desperate measures. A mockumentary in the style of “This is Spinal Tap” with a cringe factor that would make The Office’s David Brent blush, Thats For Me! is a biting satire on fame that will make you laugh and hide in your seats with its outrageous characters and pitiless portrayal of family values gone wrong.

Featuring outstanding performances from leading British talent. That’s For Me! is a razor sharp take on the reality TV quest for those elusive fifteen minutes.

Check Out Chevy Chase in “Not Another Not Another Movie”

Follows a struggling movie studio that’s willing to do anything to make a mint – even if it means ruining their reputation, and running the movie industry into the ground.

A spoof on Hollywood, “Not Another Not Another Movie” is a guaranteed knee-slapper. When Sunshine Studios realizes that it is steps away from bankruptcy, the gang teams up to produce a single movie with the hopes of putting the studio in the green again.

Watch to see if Chevy Chase and the rest of the studios can pull off one last big hit!

Diddy & MacFarlane Make Water?

Diddy and MacFarlane are teaming up to make water? Yup, the duo announced their collaboration with, “AQUAHydrate” at a recent press conference.

Combs and Seth joined the project that helps cure hangovers. ”I was at a party last night till 4 a.m., and look how fresh and hydrated I am today,” Combs said at the press conference.

The product was created in 2004, and the boys plan on making it pretty popular.

Now after a night of too much Cîroc, you can grab a bottle of “AQUAhydrate” to get rid of that headache!

Record Oscar Voting

The Academy can sleep easy tonight knowing that their first time using the online voting system went smoothly. The Academy announced that they received the highest amount of votes for the 85th Academy Awards than ever before.

Academy President Hawk Koch announced, “We got more people voting for the nominations this year than have ever voted.”

The Academy also announced the nominations for this year’s Awards yesterday. Many stars were shocked that they were cut from the list of nominees this year. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Nicole Kidman were just a few of the legends left behind this year.


Google’s Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

Have you tried the Google search engine feature “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” yet?  It’s based on the idea that it is always possible to connect every film actor in the world back to the actor.

To use Google’s system, simply type in the words “Bacon number” followed by the name of the actor you want to know if he’s worked with somehow.  For example, typing “Bacon number Johnny Depp” reveals that Bacon and the Pirates actor are linked by Helena Bonham Carter, because Carter appeared in ‘Dark Shadows’ with Depp, then she appeared in ‘Novocaine’ with Bacon.  Therefore Depp has a Bacon number of two, indicating two degrees of separation.

Johnny Depp’s Bacon number is 2.

Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter appeared in ‘Dark Shadows’.

Helena Bonham Carter and Kevin Bacon appeared in ‘Novocaine’.

Now you try it and see what comes up with Kevin Bacon and your favorite actor…

And if you’d like to watch a great Bacon flick instantly, be sure to check out ‘Stir of Echos’, available in our rental section!

Click the image to watch now!

Rotten Tomatoes

69%percent positive reviews

Ernest Borgnine Passes at 95


The oldest actor ever nominated for a Golden Globe and recipient of the lifetime-achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild has passed away at age 95. Ernest Borgnine had a recurring voice role on Spongebob Squarepants.

Best known for his role as a butcher in 1955′s Academy Award-winning “Marty,” the gap-toothed, heavy-set actor will never be forgotten.

Ernest died from renal failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday with his wife and kids by his side.

Some things you may not know about Ernest Borgnine:

-He was born in Connecticut

-He began taking theater classes after serving in the Navy during World War II

-Tova Borgnine was his fifth wife

-Ernest was nominated for 3 Emmys

Happy Birthday, Paul Rudd!

**Besides ’40-Year-Old Virgin,’ Rudd has appeared in two other films with Steve Carell. Name them!**

Paul Stephen Rudd was born on April 6th, 1969, in Passaic, New Jersey. Classically trained in theater at Oxford University, Paul primarily plays comedic roles. He is well-known for playing similar characters in enormously successful films like ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’, ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy’, ‘Knocked Up’, ‘Role Models’, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, ‘Our Idiot Brother’, ‘Dinner For Schmucks’, & many more. His early breakout role was alongside Alicia Silverstone in ‘Clueless’, which then led him to a reoccurring role as Phoebe’s boyfriend in the hit TV show ‘Friends’.

  • Raised in Overland Park, Kansas.
  • His parents were Jewish immigrants from England.
  • Original family surname is “Rudnitzky”.
  • Was a DJ at Bar Mitzvahs before his career took off.
  • His favorite musician is Tom Waits.

Happy Birthday, Eddie Murphy!

What is your favorite movie/show starring the world famous comedian & actor?

We’ve also put together some fun facts & favorite video clips of Eddie Murphy! (watch out for strong language)


  • Edward Regan Murphy was born in Brooklyn New York, in 1961.
  • Was cast by “Saturday Night Live” (1975) and NBC in 1980 when he was 19 years old.
  • Older brother, Charles Murphy, is also an actor and has made several appearances on the ‘Chappelle’s Show’.
  • Younger brother Vernon Jr. was in the hip-hop group K-9 Posse.
  • The role as Winston in ‘Ghostbusters’ was written for him by Dan Aykroyd, but Eddie turned it down due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Both Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke were considered for the role of Axel Foley in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’.
  • Was in a relationship with Whitney Houston before she married Bobby Brown.
  • His favorite TV show in ‘Star Trek’.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and the only drug he takes is caffeine.

Crossing the freeway in ‘Bowfinger’…

As Donkey in ‘Shrek’…

As Prince Akeem in ‘Coming to America’…

The barber shop in ‘Coming To America’…

Train scene in ‘Trading Places’…

Getting into trouble in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’…