Doing Bigg Things

Holding on to the #2 spot at the box office this week, “American Reunion” has made a “bigg” comeback. Along with the rest of the gang, Jason Biggs returned for what could be the final slice of “Pie.” Funnier than ever, Biggs and the group once again proved that there is nothing that they won’t do in front of the camera. Bringing in $27,690,605 thus far, the “Reunion” is sure to perform as well as the previous three films from the series.

In “My Best Friend’s Girl,” Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires his best friend Tank (Dane Cook), the rebound specialist, to take Alexis (Kate Hudson) out on a “lousy” date. Hoping that Alexis comes to her senses, Dustin is soon disappointed by the turn of events. For the first time in Tank’s rebounding history, the girl falls in love with him! Click the image to watch and find out what happens as Tank is torn between a best friend and a new found love.

‘Hunger Games’ Trifecta

‘The Hunger Games’ fans will be happy to know that along with the record-breaking film, the original novel and soundtrack are also on top of the charts.

Billboard recently announced that ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack is currently the top-selling soundtrack!

‘Hunger Games’ brought in a remarkable $463 million worldwide.

Lionsgate released a TV spot announcing the Hunger Games Trifecta last week. It’s Game Over for ‘American Reunion’ and ‘Titanic 3D’ to claim the #1 spot at the box office.

Watch the new Lionsgate TV spot: Hunger Games Trifecta