Date Night Pick of the Week: “Beneath Clouds”

In a tiny desolate town, there is only one road in and out. A fair skinned, blue eyed teenage girl rejects the Indigenous blood of her mother for the blood of her Irish father. She has moulded a tough exterior to survive the abusive world that surrounds her.

Finally after being pushed too far, she escapes on a bus to Sydney in search of her father. A minimum security prison in Western NSW. A teenage Indigenous boy spends all of his time in a plantation pine forest. Years of incarceration have moulded a tough exterior and separated him from any love. The dark colour of his skin is his pride and source of anger towards a society that has forgotten him. Unsure of his feelings in the darkness of early morning, he escapes in a race with his own destiny.

The two find themselves together alone, with no money, and no transport. Over a period of twenty four hours these two hardened souls come together and hitchhike on a lone highway to Sydney where they unwillingly affect their self-identity and inner feelings.

She slowly raises her hardened shell to the person who represents the life she has run away from. And he lowers his defences to a person who seemingly represents the society that rejects him. They fight each other every step of the way, until they are forced to reveal the emotions they have built for each other. She journeys from her imagined Irish identity to feeling for the first time, she is of two bloods and not one. They touch each other s hearts in a moment of relief as finally the dark shadow of hate is lifted from his shoulders. And as the final credits fade, we are given a reminder of those rare short moments within our lives that stay with us forever.

First-Ever Sundance London Kicks Off

Actor Robert Redford and 12-time Grammy Award winner T Bone Burnett will open the very first Sundance London Film and Music Festival April 26-29. @SundanceFestUK will present hand-picked films fresh from the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, a dynamic and diverse music line up, panel discussions, and of course, parties!

If you like independent films like we do, then check out these favorites from past Sundance Festivals available to stream now on BIGSTAR!…

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