Date Night Pick of the Week: “Sudden Manhattan”

Sudden Manhattan is an off-beat, black comedy about a New York girl in trouble. Donna, a 20-something, is jobless, single and broke.

On a fateful day, reality turns itself upside down and she is suddently faced with one absurdity after another. Men start stalking her and murders take place all around her.

Full of deliciously funny moments, SUDDEN MANHATTAN weaves an intricate and engaging storylin including lovers, admirers and fortune tellers that may just hold the key to the puzzle that her life has become.

NEW on BIGSTAR This Week

Engano Mortal“: (Spanish Language) In a peaceful small town, two men are caught by their passions without imagining that this situation will lead to betrayal, pain and death.

Insider Exclusive“: The Insider Exclusive is dedicated to making critically acclaimed and cutting-edge TV Legal Issues Documentaries to publicize and broadcast in mainstream media.

Big Country – Greatest Hits Live“: This concert was recorded at an East Berlin Peace Concert the year before the wall came down. You could feel the yearning for freedom in the air as 150,000+ East Germans came to enjoy the kind of concert us Westerners take for granted. It was this concert that gave inspiration for the bands next studio album ‘Peace In Our Time’ to be released the following year.

Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings – Let the Good Times Roll“: Live performance footage from Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings Tour of 2004. The band perform music by some of the greatest artists of all time from Little Richard, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Lonnie Donnegan, and a host of Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll classics. With such talented musicianship, together with some of the greatest Jazz and R&B songs over the last 30 years, the stage shows are vibrant and exciting. The band accomplish exactly what Bill set out to do – create an evening of fun – enjoyment for all!

Barclay James Harvest – Caught Live“: A documentary recorded in 1977, ‘Caught Live’ is a rare film, originally a cinema release of Barclay James Harvest. A unique insight to life on the road during BJH’s most successful period. Including concert footage, rare interviews with the band, backstage footage and pre-concert sound checks. Barclay James Harvest formed in the summer of 1967.

A Tribute to the Drifters“: A great film that highlights the talent of The Drifters.

Steve Howe’s Remedy“: Steve Howe’s Remedy “Live” in concert, filmed during his 2004 European Tour

Nazareth – Greatest Hits Live“: “Live From Classic T Stage” was recorded in July 2005, as the cameras rolled at the “Classic T Stage” recording studio – located at Shepperton Film Studios, UK.

Greg Lake Live“: Greg Lake performing “LIVE” in a feature length concert, recorded during his European Tour in 2005. Greg Lake – The Voice of a Generation. From his initial days in the explosive London music scene of the late 1960s, through his time as founding member and voice of rock innovators King Crimson, and legendary British rock band, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP); Greg Lake has continually made records that have endured the test of time.

Ground Floor C“: A corrupt policeman abuses his own wife while her lover keeps hidden in the bedroom.

Leon Russell New Grass Revival“: Filmed at the Perkins Palace, California on 15th May 1980, this DVD captures the enormous talent of The New Grass Revival. The band revolutionized Bluegrass music, incorporating gospel, reggae, rock and modern jazz into their traditional sound. Leon Russell, the ultimate session musician collaborated with The New Grass Revival and took the sound to another level combining his Keyboard skills and unique husky voice with the fantastic sounds of the band.

El Canibal De La Guerrero“: (Spanish Language) Based on a true story, this film tells the story of a frustrated writer who kills and devours its victims.

Chile Pinquin“: (Spanish Language) An ambitious but lazy man is able to get into the wildest adventures to achieve his goal.

El Pistolero Del Diablo“: (Spanish Language) A wealthy man wants to control a small village but first he must kill the priest, his main obstacle. Unfortunately he fails on his attempt…

Bad Bush“: Ophelia has a newborn and is seeking a safe haven. She visits her sister in a remote farmhouse nestled in the Australian Bush country. The deeply disturbed sister leaves Ophelia alone with a drug crazed boyfriend who grows dope for outlaw bikers. For 24 hours of torment, she fights to protect her baby and save herself from his psychotic advances. The psychological thriller will leave you in shock with it’s UNEXPECTED twisted ending. BASED ON A TRUE STORY!


Tom Wolfe Documentary Only on BIGSTAR

Legendary author, Tom Wolfe, has just completed what could possibly be his final novel. “Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood” focuses on race relations in Miami. BIGSTAR Movies has the exclusive worldwide rights to the documentary that will accompany the novel’s release on Tuesday, October 23.

The documentary follows Wolfe on his odyssey through Miami over the last six years. Wolfe wanted to truly immerse himself in the city’s culture, in order to provide an accurate depiction of Miami in his latest novel.

From walking into a strip club wearing his classic white suit, to stopping by guayabera shops in Little Havana, Tom Wolfe did his homework in preparation for his final novel.

Head over to Vanity Fair to read an exclusive excerpt from “Tom Wolfe Gets Back to Blood.”

You can watch the trailer for the documentary below:

Genre for the Weekend: Horror

It only makes sense that the genre for this weekend is Horror! We wish you a Happy Halloween weekend filled with tons of scary movies from BIGSTAR! Here are some of our spooky favorites…

Hauntings Across America“: It’s eerie going as a crew of parapsychologists and researchers travel across America investigating tales of hauntings throughout the land. The Westwood Memorial Cemetery, an Indian burial mound built over by a Louisiana plantation, Gettysburg battlefield, and a spooky village in Tennessee all provide chills in this paranormal series.

From Beneath“: Jason, is bit by a strange organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister’s secluded farmhouse. The bite begins a transformation in Jason, and now the couple must race against time to figure out what happened to Sam’s sister and her family, and what lies in store for them. All of these elements are tantamount to the ultimate fear addressed in the film, the fear of losing a loved one and worse, becoming a monster in their eyes.

The Coffin“: Following the Thai custom to cheat death and rid oneself of bad luck, a man who lays in a coffin for an evening subsequently experiences a series of terrifying incidents.

Fear the Forest“: The Native Indians feared and respected it as a “God”….. And maybe with good reason! Just a few years ago a fast moving “Ghost-Like Creature” was thought to be killing people ruthlessly in the Dark and unforgiving woods. Some disappearing without a trace and never to be found. A $2.5 Million Dollar bounty was on for the capture of this so called legend creature after the massive Hunter search party found nothing, this was dismissed as a hoax. But now, enter the present day – A group of five fearless, young men and women venture into the Deep woods for a weekend exploration and getaway, but to their demise the stealth like killings start once again and one by one the group of five are separated.


Bigstar and dynamics partnership

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NEW on BIGSTAR This Week

Trinity and Beyond

Trinity and Beyond: is an unsettling yet visually fascinating documentary presenting the history, development and testing of nuclear weapons between 1945 and 1963. Narrated by William Shatner (Star Trek’s Captain Kirk) and featuring an original score performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, this award-winning documentary reveals previously unreleased and classified government footage depicting in graphic detail these powerful and awesome weapons. Many scenes were repaired with an Academy Award® winning process created to restore the color. Director/producer Peter Kuran, traveled throughout the U.S. to uncover footage that includes bombs being suspended by balloon, exploding under the ocean, being shot from a cannon and detonated in outer space.


Technocalyps: is an intriguing three-part documentary on the notion of Trans-humanism by Belgian visual artist and filmmaker Frank Theys. The latest findings in genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics and nanotechnology appear in the media every day, but with no analysis of what seems to be their common aim: exceeding human limitations and creating higher, trans-human forms of life. Technocalyps presents a thorough and critical enquiry into the scientific, ethical and metaphysical dimensions of technological development. The film includes interviews by top scientists and thinkers on the subject worldwide, such as Marvin Minsky, Ray Kurzweil, Terence McKenna, Hans Moravec, Bruce Sterling, Robert Anton Wilson, David Noble, Margaret Wertheim, the Dalai Lama and many others.

Carried Away

Carried Away: A man obcessed with a famous painting is about to make the mistake of his life! Inspired by films from the early ’70′s, “Carried Away” is the story of a young man who acts on a ridiculous impulse and steals a masterpiece from the City’s art museum. When he realizes the magnitude of what he has done, he is forced not only to deal with this incredible blunder but also to re-examine his place in life.

3 Americas

3 Americas: It’s the end of spring in Boston, Massachusetts. With summer approaching, 16 year-old América has two issues, or so she thinks. She hates school and her aunt Carolina’s alcoholic husband, Joey. She passes the days shoplifting, hanging out with her friends and trying to avoid Joey. But after a life-changing event, América, whose Spanish is limited, is sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live with her reclusive and anti-American grandmother, Lucía América Campos. In Argentina, América struggles to find her place. An entertaining and thought-provoking coming of age tale from a decisive vantage point of the Latino American experience.

What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now: Claudia is preparing for her CMT exam which she must take this afternoon, but her morning turns into a bizarre situation when a sheik from Arabia requests a private session at her place. The offer is tempting and she thinks she’ll make some quick money that she can later spend on a celebration for passing of her exam. Claudia invites the sheik over for a session, only to see the sheik faint, and lay lifeless and non-responsive on her massage table. Scared of her life being ruined forever, Claudia calls her best friend Jessie, an unemployed investigator, to help her resolve this problem. While the girls try to move the sheik from the massage table, the lifeless body falls on the floor making a huge noise, which wakes up Willie, a pot grower living downstairs, who just wants to enjoy his day in peace while smoking his blunts.

NEW Movies on BIGSTAR This Week

Arabia“: As a filmmaking student at Chicago’s DePaul University, 22-year-old Hamzah Jamjoom returned to the Arabian Peninsula to craft this sweeping, ambitious documentary about his homeland. Chiefly designed as a tool to bridge different cultures and rectify vast misunderstandings between the West and Middle East, the film explores the roots of Arabian traditions and studies how Arabian society evolved over the course of history. It also examines the faith of the Arabian people and the cultural nuances of Arabia.

Atatürk“: is about the life and career of Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. A brilliant soldier, a revolutionary statesman, a man who reformed a desperate country with passion and heart joining his fate with the destiny of his nation. It also addresses the effects of his democratic reforms that still resonate today in Turkey and in the world. Following the invasion of the Ottoman Empire by the British led-Powers, one man, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, pulled the occupied Turkish people out of hopelessness and despair.

The Evolution of Andrew Andrews“: 30-year-old Andrew Andrews (Will Klipstine) has never had a friend, unless a 3-foot rubber alien doll counts. Yet, in his quest to be a somebody, this clueless “man child” ruins a full-length feature film in one morning. When his studio mogul father exiles him from his cushy womb, Andrew must fend for himself for the first time in his life. After bankrupting a family and losing all of his remaining possessions, is it too late for Andrew to learn how to make friends, make money and even make love?

Glitch in the Grid“: Jay Masonek is feeling down and out. Although he is a talented artist, Jay has seldom left his small town in Northern California. One day, Jay’s cousins Jeff and Eric (who are also artists) visit from LA. They offer Jay the opportunity to come live with them for a period of time in Hollywood. Hoping to cheer him up, the brothers show Jay the city and take him to film castings, even though it’s during the economic recession and jobs are scarce.

From River To Sea“: is an emotional, heartfelt story about journeys, decisions and modern life – a story not unlike that of many women we know. As a small glimpse into the realities of what it means to be a mother in our times, we follow Susan Fink, a filmmaker, whose life after a devastating divorce is at a crossroads. She is 36, without a home of her own, and living with her daughter in her mother’s one-bedroom apartment. Her spirit is broken and the relationships with her mother and daughter have been harmed by despair and neglect. While on a trip to Eastern Europe, attempting to film the realities of post-war Jewish life, she confronts her own demons and decides to repair the damage with her mother and daughter

DragonBlade“: When a town is being attacked by a deadly creature Lang becomes the one to have to deal with it. But, only one thing can stop this menace is the Dragon Blade. Now the one person who knows where the blade is won’t tell Lang, and even if he did, untold peril will fall on anyone who dares to find this legendary weapon.

Heart of Now“: A beautiful woman with a profound longing for a sense of family falls into a downward spiral where she confronts her father figure and the emotional wounds concealed over a decade ago. The two retreat from the city into the vast and barren desert to fully expose their past and discover what it means to be in the Heart of Now. Immaculate direction by Zak Forsman with stunning performances by Marion Kerr as Amber and Kelly McCracken as Gabe.

Catching Out“: The phrase Catching Out describes the act of hopping a freight train. In the documentary film Catching Out, several contemporary hobos dissent against mainstream American consumer culture by traveling for free on freight trains. The film features a seasoned eco-activist named Lee, a young nomad named Jessica, and a tramp couple known as Switch and Baby Girl. In three interwoven stories, Catching Out follows these trainhoppers as they navigate between the constraints of society and the freedom of the road.

Behind the Glass“: The private lives of three nouveau riche Croatians are brought to a boil, in a love triangle, pinning a self-assured architect between his tart tongued wife and his long suffering mistress, who also happens to be his business partner. It’s been a six-year affair between Nikola and Ana and Nikola’s wife Maja has known it for almost as long. Ana has all but lost hope and walks around bitter and frustrated, while Nikola is paralyzed by his inability to make a life change. His wife Maja, seems to be poised and in control but she too is about to fall apart. When the architecture business begins to struggle, their miseries begin to surface from behind the glass, for everyone to see, and the threesome gradually fall apart, together, through series of suspenseful spasms.

An American Haunting“: In 1818, the family began to experience disturbances on their property. At first, slight, unexplained noises, but the spirit began to grow, becoming aggressive and singling out the father, John, and his only daughter Betsy. The family desperately searched for the cause of the spirit in the hope of finding a way of defeating it, but the spirit continued its brutal assault. It developed voices and began speaking to the family, but refusing to say why it was there. Then, finally it pronounced a death sentence on John. Within a year, he was dead. Shortly, thereafter, the spirit left the family in peace, but never the same. It would not be until years later that we would be taken back to the terrible night the spirit was born and find out the horrific truth about its nature and origin.

Fat City, New Orleans“: High School Teens in 1979 suburban New Orleans (Fat City) go to nightclubs and discos when the drinking age was just 18 years old and not really enforced. Paul (Josiah Lipscomb), Ashley (Maggie Talbot-Minkin) and Billy (Sean Carlin) are best buds growing up in suburban New Orleans (Fat City) 1979. It’s their senior year and all they care about is turning 18… the legal age to drink. Smoking pot is a way of being and dodging cops, girlfriends and yes, parents, make way for a hilarious “trip” to the disco era where booze and girls are all that matter in this coming-of-age comedy.

NEW on BIGSTAR this week

Lots of great new films this week! Check them out…

"Monte Cassino": The story of the Battle of Monte Cassino where, in 1944, the Allies tried to break through the German lines to reach Rome. It was the bloodiest battle of the war in the West and its story is told by men who fought in the American, British and Polish divisions that stormed the rugged Italian mountains to come to grip with elite German paratroopers.

"The White Mountain Abduction": In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving at night through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed that a bright light in the sky was following them.

"Like a Puppet Out of Strings": Two Brothers, Tom and Felipe, have moved up the ranks of the street gangs because they have no greater devotion than the protection of each other. Luis, former gang member, is now a cop, his life having been turned around by Angelica, a female cop. When Tom is blamed for the shooting death of Angelica, a crime his brother Felipe committed, Felipe is forced to agree to Luis' terms in order to save Tom.

"Butterfly Crush": Butterfly Crush is a modern love story, starring award winning Australian actress Amelia Shankley, and set against the backdrop of the Sydney music industry. The song and dance duo, Butterfly Crush are about to break big, and are up for the Australasian Song Awards, but their chance at success is jeopardized when half of the duo; Eva, gets involved with a Kings Cross cult, the “Dreamguides”, deep into astrology and virtual dreaming. Moana must risk everything to save her, in this brand new contemporary feature about music and love.

"JarRing": JarRing follows four friends who accidentally discover a phone number with the most bizarre messages. After calling for their daily dose of perverted phone poetry, two of them disappear. Inspired by true events, JarRing is the story of a serial killer who was never caught, and a serial caller who’s remains were never found. Like the irresistible siren song of Homer’s Odyssey, the Killing Jar Murderer lures potential victims with perversely poetic cell phone messages.

"Stronger Than Blood": Tommy and Sule are like brothers; through their short lives of 19 years, their friendship has become bulletproof. Their gang is their family and they live life like there's no tomorrow. They dream of opening an auto body shop together, but Tommy gets caught in a botched drug deal and sent to juvenile prison. When he gets released after 6 months, Tommy plans to straighten his life out and is desperate to find out who snitched on him. Stars Jacob Matschenz, Burak Yigit, Balder Beyer and Aylin Tezel.

"Look, Stranger": Set in an unidentified world at war, this is the story of a woman making a dangerous journey home. When her guide is killed on the road in an arbitrary act of violence, the woman is forced to rely on a young man, who agrees to travel with her for a price. Increasingly unable to distinguish between reality and hallucination, the woman finds comfort in her relationship with the man and in the presence of a mysterious child from her past. An intense character and landscape study; Look, Stranger is a visual meditation on the psychological trauma of war.

"Lost River, Lincoln's Secret Weapon": Lost River is based on the true story of Anna Ella Carroll, an unrecognized heroine of the American Civil War. She was raised to know law and politics even though there were no women lawyers or women politicians at the time. She became a lobbyist and a reporter. She also helped start the American Party. When the Civil War began, she helped keep Maryland in the Union by presenting Abraham Lincoln with a legal brief setting forth his presidential powers.

"White Knuckles": A 40 year old marriage stuck in a perpetual downward spiral leads to a lifealtering epiphany about the true value of life for a depressed housewife and her terminally cantankerous husband. Pushed to a mental breaking point by her ornery husband's oppressively negative attitude an outwardly kind housewife begins poisoning his food. Later when the husband is rushed to the hospital in critical condition the prospect of facing death has a profound effect on both him and his longsuffering spouse.

NEW on BIGSTAR this week

Check out these great movies that have just been added to our library:

"Amor en Transito": Mercedes is cleaning up her life in Buenos Aires in order to return to her boyfriend waiting for her in Barcelona. But something keeps her from leaving. She stumbles upon Ariel who grows increasingly attracted to her and her complicated situation.

"Late Rounders": This documentary follows a number of college football players who dream of being selected in the later rounds of the NFL draft, and if not, then to secure an invitation to a team's camp so that they can show what they are capable of and perhaps secure a spot on the roster once the season begins.

"Dogs Lie": Eight patients and two staff meet at luxurious NY sleep clinic for a night of observation and hi tech monitoring.Their lives become dangerously entwined as secrets are revealed.Love,blackmail and murder ensue.

"The Nightmare": Five percent of the world's population have had the experience of awaking paralyzed while a supernatural entity climbs onto their chest suffocating them, inducing a level of fear that is beyond imagination.

"Against the Odds": Of the thousands of men and women imprisoned under inhuman conditions behind the wires of the German concentration camps some found the strength to fight back. They collected evidence about German crimes in the camps, sabotaged equipment they were forced to manufacture, prepared uprisings and even tried to spread typhoid to their guards. Against the Odds tells this story through the testimonies of a group of courageous men that took part in this resistance movement.

"Keys to the VIP": Keys to the VIP (professional league for players) is an award winning reality televion, comedy show. The game involves two self proclaimed players competing against each other to pick up women in a real bar. The two contestants go against each other in rounds to complete different objectives all related to seducing women.

"Hitler Meets Christ": Two men meet in a train station. One believes he's Hitler, the other, Christ. Their unusual pairing brings together two of the most controversial figures in human history.

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

That’s right “Twilight” fans, the actress that plays Bella Swan turns 22 today! Born in Los Angeles, California to John and Julia Stewart, Kristen Stewart was born on this day in 1990. Kristen Stewart has 3 dogs: Oz, a border collie mix, Jack, and Lily who are hybrid wolves. Yes, hybrid wolves. Known for her roles in “Twilight,” “Panic Room,” “Adventureland,” and “Cold Creek Manor,” Stewart has always played the mysterious role on the big screen.

Kristen Stewart costars with Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland in this spellbinding movie about a mother and son plunged into a seductive – and destructive – world of the privileged class. Click on the image to watch now.