Today’s New Release: A GOOD LAWYER’S WIFE (a.k.a. BARAMNAN GAJOK)


“When you’re single, you think marriage will guarantee unlimited sex. But when you’re married, you quickly realize that it’s not like that. You’re not a woman anymore. You’re really nothing. To be honest, I’m having less sex since I’ve been married. Right… when you’re single, married men, singles, virgins…right, and engaged men; it’s your pick.” ~HO-JEONG EUN (So-ri Moon), explaining her current marital sex-life in a phone conversation.


Today’s New Release: A GOOD LAWYER’S WIFE (a.k.a. BARAMNAN GAJOK)

Click to be naughty!

Click to be naughty!

          Winner of numerous fest accolades, like the *Lotus Award-Best Film* at the 2004 Deauville Asian Film Festival, *Best Director* at the 2003 Ghent International Film Festival, and even *Best Actress* Awards for So-ri Moon at both the 2003 Stockholm Film Festival and the 2004 Grand Bell Awards- South Korea, this riveting drama also nabbed a *Golden Lion* nomination at the 2003 Venice Film Festival, just for good measure. What starts off like the Korean version of CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE, wickedly and disturbingly turns into a CRASH-meets-MONSTER’S BALL mind-f***! This was initially also listed as a comedy/drama, but I don’t feel I can properly list it as such, though depending on how twisted your mind is, any particular BIGSTAR viewer can see the hints of dark, dark comedy imbedded in this picture. (NOTE: The 1:17:42 time-mark is absolutely horrendous, but knowing how lovably charming and adorably funny a certain character is, a certain line delivered will have you tragically choke in mid-guffaw!) This is a film about all kinds of sexual relationships portrayed in both a frank and nonjudgmental manner. It also brings a remarkable insight into upper-middle class Korean society, intricately mirroring an American family that could easily be living in either Los Angeles or New York. It should be pointed out that the openness in which a married, upper middle-class Mom can so nonchalantly carry on a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old kid playing hooky from school would not work in American cinema without fear of dire consequences… but at least our lead is having fun… until that aforementioned time-mark, of course.

This, like so many Asian films here on BIGSTAR suffers from slightly misleading advertising due to distributor’s Americanized posters. This isn’t erotica; it’s severe adult drama, and is an emotionally loaded movie that’ll take you back a few notches, heart-wise. Couples get bored, stress and tragedy of family life can cause someone… or anyone, to crack into a more carnal state, yearning to fill a void. A GOOD LAWYER’S WIFE (a.k.a. BARAMNAN GAJOK) truly explores that pain; it too is a pleasure blurred.

Written & Directed by Sang-soo Im

Starring: So-ri Moon, In-mun Kim, Yeo-jeong Yoon, Tae-gyu Bong, Jeong-rim Baek, Jeong-min Hwang, Yeo-jin Kim, Ji-ru Sung

Tagline: From Im Sang-Soo, Director Of THE HOUSEMAID.

Date Night Pick of the Week: The Putt Putt Syndrome

Tired of hearing his bitter friend’s hypothesis on why marriages fail and wives cheat, one good day, happily married Johnny decides to check his buddy’s theories, and realizes he’s got all the symptoms himself.

Suddenly, Johnny’s perception of suburban marital bliss comes tumbling down, as he finds himself trying to save his marriage in the midst of a midlife crisis.

An Old Man’s Gold

Dying of cancer, former thief Charlie Dawson decides to leave his gold to his namesake Charlene, the great grand daughter of his two former partners.

Not wanting to steal from family, the two former partners decide to rob Charlie before he dies. They hire a poker playing buddy, the violent loan shark Eddie, to do the job.

Eddie decides to kidnap Charlene to convince Charlie to give up the gold, but Charlene’s friend Emma gets in the way and is murdered. With the clock ticking, Eddie goes after the gold but runs afoul of Charlene’s protective mother. The soccer mom is forced into a violent showdown to save her daughter and get the treasure.

One Night

Fifteen New Yorkers go into a Friday night unaware of the fact that their lives are about to change. Larry, an A&R executive, has been sublimating his deep fear of commitment by carrying on an affair with his young assistant, Emily, unbeknownst to his stunning model girlfriend, Mia.

Abby, a sensitive college student, worships her older boyfriend Marc, while thinking her friend Clarice is only a child. Michelle is looking forward to meeting Jack, with whom she’s flirted online but has never met in person.

Wendy is sure she needs a change in her life, but she’s not sure what it should be. And Greg, a charming but nervous actor, finally gets to go out with Angelina, the object of a long-standing crush. As the night unfolds, the characters all convene at the same music venue, and their lives intersect in ways both humorous and poignant.

We can see that they’re driven by an unconscious desire for human connection, and their interactions with strangers reveal to them what they’ve been missing, allowing them to see others — and themselves — in a truer light. By the morning, their lives have changed — some subtly, some dramatically, but all irreversibly.

Many films erroneously call themselves ensemble pieces, but One Night is truly that, emphasized by the many long takes that deliver us from storyline to storyline. Shot entirely on various locations in New York City, One Night is both tragic and hopeful — it shows how alone and unaware of other people we can be, yet also demonstrates the joy that can happen when we truly open ourselves up to others.

Date Night Pick of the Week: “Dinner and Driving”

Does the thought of being with one person for the rest of your life frighten you? It sure frightens Jason, a twenty-something writer trying to make it in Hollywood.

His girlfriend of three years, Laura, a successful magazine editor, wants definition in their relationship when her younger sister unexpectedly ties the knot.

Feeling the pressure, Jason proposes but out of the blue, his beautiful girlfriend from college reappears in his life. Jason, now faced with a major dilemma, seeks advice from his friends only to realize perhaps in matters of the heart he should listen to his own.

Blind Revenge

Sir Paul, a distinguished author, blinded in a horrific accident, advertises for an amanuensis, an assistant to help him with his writing.

He employs the amiable Jane Ryder to be his eyes as he revisits scenes from his past and works on what he intends to be his final opus. Jane appears to be ideal: attractive, intelligent, unruffled by her employer’s abrupt eccentricities.

But, gradually, we come aware that Jane has another agenda. Incrementally, Sir Paul’s familiar surroundings are altered. Strange things happen around the house and he becomes increasingly dependent on his new assistant. Jane plays increasingly sadistic games until their relationship breaks down…

Date Night Pick of the Week: “Trapped”

This epic drama based on true events tells the story of Anton a young Irishman returning home to his loving wife Maria and his family after five years at sea.

In his absence the troubles in Northern Ireland have worsened and his childhood friend Brendan (Andy Smith), persuades him that he must join the cause and fight the British.

Very soon he is involved in a brutal murder, but when he tries to abandon the cause, his comrades won’t allow it. Whether he likes it or not there is no way back and no way forward.

‘The Hobbit’ Crushes ‘Anchorman 2′

‘The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug’ brought in $31.5  million this weekend, beating Ron Burgundy for the first place spot.

Paramount’s ‘Anchorman 2′ opened with $26.8 million, making it the second place winner.

‘Frozen’ held on to third place with $19.8 million, bringing its domestic total to $191.6 million after being in theaters for four weekends.


Jimmy, successful corporate executive, is a man facing a moral dilemma. Jimmy’s cousin has threatened to expose an embarrassing secret that could ruin Jimmy’s career.

At the same time, Jimmy discovers that a vicious drug dealer is planning to murder the troublesome cousin.

Should Jimmy warn his cousin of the impending attack, or let the henchman silence the vengeful relative forever? Jimmy’s decision will shock you and this taut urban thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Catch Zack Galifianakis in Visioneers

The Jeffers Corporation is a world success, endorsed by the U.S. President, pitching productivity and happy talk. George is a third level employee, supervising three or four others.

Around the world, people are exploding as the stress of denying feelings takes its toll. The Jeffers’ response: mind control. George and his wife are miserable: he’s impotent with occasional fits of infantile pique. She’s reading a book on happiness, trying everything.

His brother, released from prison, starts of freedom-of-expression movement in George’s backyard. Plus there’s Charisma, a woman from Level Four who sends him paperwork – with smiley faces. Can George connect?