Hump Day Humor! Hundreds of Comedy Films To Help You Get Through The Week


Had a rough day at work… Your boss bugging you… Job getting you down? Laugh it off!

Your wife left you… Your husband’s a jerk… Your dog died?  Oh wait, that’s a country song!  Still, laugh it off!

Seriously, life is too short to waste on the small stuff and, cliché though it may be, laughter is still the best medicine for these everyday stressors.  So, in an effort to help you decompress and de-stress, BIGSTAR invites you to enjoy our extensive library of hundreds of Independent Comedy Films!

Just click any image to start laughing out loud and put your worries behind you…

BIGSTAR Comedy Films

‘Lego Movie’ Makes it to the Top of the Box


Warner Bros. “The Lego Movie” debuted at number one this weekend with $69.1 million.

George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men” took second place with $22.7 million. The World War II film exceeded its expectations this weekend.

“Ride Along” finally slipped into third place, after being in first for three consecutive weekends. The Kevin Hart/Ice Cube comedy took in $9.4 million.

Can’t Make it to Sundance? Enjoy Our Film Festival Favorites Collection!

Once upon a time, a film student asked her professor:

“Why are film festivals important?”  The professor patiently replied that: “Film festivals are a great idea for a variety of reasons.  They can make worthy but underfinanced films available to the general public.  They can provide greater access to minority and less visible filmmakers.  Naturally, they help strengthen the connection between filmmakers and movie fans.  The movie industry exists outside of Hollywood, you know.  Plus, how else would independent filmmakers receive the awards and recognition they deserve.  Not everyone with a great film gets an Oscar.”

Now, whether or not you agree with the last part about the Oscars, it is true that film festivals bring forward to the public eye little known independent gems and may even launch careers onto the mainstream.  Not everyone though can attend the bevvy of Film Festivals scattered throughout the globe.  With that in mind, BIGSTAR’s done the job for you — scouring film festivals and curating numerous offerings to present you with our collection of Film Festival Favorites.  With a good balance of edgy experimental, comedy, art-house, and alternative horror genres, the Film Festival Favorites Collection will surely please your inner critic and movie buff.

Here is just a little sample.  Stream on.

Catch Zack Galifianakis in Visioneers

The Jeffers Corporation is a world success, endorsed by the U.S. President, pitching productivity and happy talk. George is a third level employee, supervising three or four others.

Around the world, people are exploding as the stress of denying feelings takes its toll. The Jeffers’ response: mind control. George and his wife are miserable: he’s impotent with occasional fits of infantile pique. She’s reading a book on happiness, trying everything.

His brother, released from prison, starts of freedom-of-expression movement in George’s backyard. Plus there’s Charisma, a woman from Level Four who sends him paperwork – with smiley faces. Can George connect?

Wish you had ‘The Perfect Family’?

Suburban supermom Eileen Cleary (Academy Award® nominee Kathleen Turner) is the ultimate Catholic, and when she’s nominated for the coveted Catholic Woman of the Year Award at her local parish, it looks like she’s about to get the plaque to prove it. Only one final test remains—introducing her family to the church board for the seal of approval.

Now, she must finally face the truth about her nonconformist family—a truth she has been glossing over for years. Her gay daughter, Shannon (Emily Deschanel), is about to marry her life partner. Her unhappily married son Frank Jr. (Jason Ritter) is having an affair with the local manicurist. And Eileen’s own marriage to a recovered alcoholic is pulling at the seams….

This heartfelt dysfunctional family comedy boasts a memorable performance from Academy Award® nominee Turner as the conflicted and comical matriarch, alongside a bright ensemble cast including Richard Chamberlain and Michael McGrady. Newcomer director Anne Renton keeps the pacing taut and crafts an honest, modern family tale, and writers Claire V. Riley and Paula Goldberg infuse just the right amount of seriousness and levity into their script, reminding us that family is never truly perfect.

Get Ready for a ‘Holiday Engagement’

Thirty-something Hillary Burns has spent her life trying to get the approval of her parents, most specifically her judgmental mother, Meredith Burns, thus far without success. Part of that approval for Hillary is to marry the right man.

That’s why Hillary is so happy that she is engaged to successful lawyer Jason King, who she will bring home to meet the family for the first time at their Thanksgiving get-together weekend in a week’s time. However, Hillary’s life starts to fall apart when simultaneously she loses her part-time newspaper writing job when the newspaper itself folds, and Jason dumps her as he tries to focus on his career which is seemingly more important to him than Hillary.

On the advice of her best friend Sophie, Hillary – who feels she can’t go home without Jason, especially as her two sisters’ lives seem to meet their mother’s approval – decides reluctantly to go to an online dating site to find someone to pose as Jason at the upcoming family weekend.

Lloyd and Harry Return in ‘Dumb and Dumber To’

‘Dumb and Dumber To’ has finally received a release date of November 2014. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels posted evidence of the film by posting the above photo of Harry and Lloyd online.

The film is set to release on November 14, 2014, and that will be three weeks before the 20th Anniversary of the original film – in case you didn’t already feel old.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly will be directing once again, alongside a few new castmembers. We can’t wait to see what the hilarious frinds have in store for us this time!

That’s For Me!

Zara Zimmerman is a North London wannabe on a mission to crack the big time at any cost, and her family will do anything to help get her there. No matter that she is utterly talentless and has been rejected by every actors agent going, every friday night her equally delusional mother, failed actor turned dry-cleaner father and assortment of dysfunctional relatives conspire over dinner to plot her inevitable rise to stardom.

But when even a celebrity life coach fails to deliver, they realize the time has come for more desperate measures. A mockumentary in the style of “This is Spinal Tap” with a cringe factor that would make The Office’s David Brent blush, Thats For Me! is a biting satire on fame that will make you laugh and hide in your seats with its outrageous characters and pitiless portrayal of family values gone wrong.

Featuring outstanding performances from leading British talent. That’s For Me! is a razor sharp take on the reality TV quest for those elusive fifteen minutes.

Who is Your Lifeline?

Lifelines examines an extraordinarily stressful day in the life of a dangerously dysfunctional suburban family. Mom Nancy, a schoolteacher, is unable to handle the constant barrage of hostility from her three children. Husband Ira is ineffectual in helping his wife with her anxiety. Older son Mikey is a stutterer and barely able to express himself.

Middle child Meghan flouts whatever restrictions her parents place on her, and youngest child Spencer, suffering from ADHD, needs to be handcuffed to the car just to participate in family outings. The family’s level of dysfunction reaches a make-it-or-break-it climax when their patriarch reveals that he’s leaving his marriage for another man.

Universal Sets April 2015 Release Date for ‘Ted’ Sequel

Universal has confirmed an April 3 release date for Seth MacFarlane and his furry friend to return to the big screen.

MacFarlane revealed on Twitter, ”We’re aiming for a 2015 Passover release date.” Seth is currently filming “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” so it will be at least a year until “Ted 2″ is complete.

Written and directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, the original R-rated comedy film grossed over $500 million worldwide.