Today’s New Release: LOVE ESPRESSO

love espresso



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“Love Espresso” is about four frustrated, twenty-something men, who are in the throes of relationships, dating, sex, and the pursuit of women. It is about the fun adventures and mishaps that four young men can have navigating the torrential waters of dating the “right” and “wrong” women, and there is sex and raunchiness and hilarity throughout, but it is also a heartwarming, touching film about bonding and what it is TRULY like for men out there in this insane world of dating. We have four main characters to follow and when Pedro is dumped by his girlfriend of four years, well, his buddies do what buddies do, take him out and get him completely hammered drunk till they end up with a car towed with one of their friends in the trunk. There is one lovable friend, (who lives with his hysterical, impatient, strict, but loving grandma) and his amigos are constantly encouraging him to woo women, despite his one liners failing with every lady he encounters. What I loved so much about “Love Espresso” is the balance of the film. There are moments of insane hilarity, there are winks of complete guy-isms, there are plenty of boobs and bimbos, yet there are also wonderful times of brotherhood, deep friendship and ultimately, love. “Love Espresso” is the witty, romantic film to nestle up to your partner with and watch, tonight!


  • Director: Alvaro Diaz Lorenzo
  • Starring: Alejo Sauras, Lucia Jimenez, Asier Etxeandia
  • Language: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English


Today’s New Release: FREEZER BURN



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If you are looking for a light, strange, sci-fi romance, than look no further than “Freezer Burn,” viewers. This is a low-budget, odd comedy that has many shortcomings, such as poor sets, lack of polish, sub-par acting but these limitations are common in movies without much money. The plot is original and that says a lot, considering many films lack unique thought in this day and age. The storyline breaks down as such, Virgil is a scientist/inventor, who is a total geek and has a less than satisfying marriage with his wife who is a teacher. He meets his wife’s student, Emma, at an art opening and immediately is smitten with her. Because of the huge age disparity between himself and his new found love, Virgil comes up with the notion of freezing himself at thirty-years old so he is able to wait for his beloved fourteen-year old Emma. Ella Rae Peck, (Emma) brings both charm and light to the screen as the object of Virgil’s affection and attention. Michael Consigilio is another standout as Virgil’s wheelchair bound lab assistant, he has the innate ability to deliver his lines with perfect timing, making his scenes the funniest of the film. Although “Freezer Burn” lacks the typical Hollywood money, it still remains a funny and strange comedic romantic adventure that I think Hollywood might have over-glossed anyway. “Freezer Burn” is a fun-filled sci-fi flick you should give a try!


  • Director: Charles Hood
  • Starring:  Robert Harriell, Michael Consiglio, Ivo Velon





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“Something Better Someplace Else” is a perfect set of four short stories that clearly illustrate what stellar filmmaking is TRULY about. My favorite stories were the first and third, the first stars the character Paul, who is leaving the company he has worked at for 11 years. As we follow his last day in the office leading up to and including his “goodbye party” at a local bar, we get a sense of deep intimacy with the characters which I find is the most absolutely rarest feeling for a short film. Nothing exceptional happens in this first tale, this is exactly the point, we get to have a true and realistic view of what actually occurs when a beloved co-worker moves on in life. The third short, “Flowers” is one of the most poignant stories I have ever witnessed on film. In this short story I was in complete awe of the director who chose shots and angles that were nothing short of brilliance. The four stories are all wonderful, witty, fun, and exactly what you need to watch, this evening, viewers. “Something Better Someplace Else” has brilliant acting, phenomenal writing and direction that is TRULY something to marvel at. You would be selling yourself short if you did not allow yourself to indulge in these brilliant little nugget tales, tonight!


  • Director: Ron Lazzeretti
  • Starring :David Pasquesi, John Connolly, Christian Stolte, John Mohrlein







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As the title may indicate, this is a little bit of a “naughty” film coming out of South Korea. Nominated for Best Director at the 2007 Baeksang Arts Awards and in 2008 at the Blue Dragon Film Awards, “Dasepo Naughty Girls” is a raunchy, fun-filled, Korean musical comedy. The film opens with a substitute teacher explaining that he is substituting that day, because the student’s real teacher has an STD which he explains can happen when you sleep with a teenage hooker. Yes, viewers this is the first two minutes of the film and the lines and the sex continue throughout the entire film. Think “Old School” Korean-style, with the same sense of humor, jokes and dirtiness. Although the film is all about the different cliques of students at No Use High School, it focuses on three particular misfits who are just searching for a way to belong and struggle with their own individual differences. I think my favorite character was the cross-dressing “Big Razor Sis” who loves to just have a great time and view life from a positive perspective. I hate to make this film sound deep, as it is not, it is definitely one of the most sexually-charged, strangest films I have ever seen. From bandits, to bad girls, to teachers being whipped by their students, virgins, and even a Cyclops, there is something that you are bound to get a kick out of in “Dasepo Naughty Girls” folks, so watch it tonight!


  • Director: Je-yong Lee
  • Starring:  Ok-bin Kim, Jin-woo Park, Kyeon Lee
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: English

Today’s New Release: MI VERANO CON AMANDA




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“Mi verano con Amanda” is a hilarious and delightful summer romance that literally propelled me back to the good ol’ days of young and budding love. We have the heartwarming motley crew of young men; there is Fabio (“the philosopher” who smokes entirely too much weed), RS (who has the money, the ladies, and the sweet pad), Chicho (who is fat, horny, and ghetto) and of course our lead, the hopeless romantic, Gaby. As the posse set out on their adventure, I must admit, I marveled at the stunning landscape and picturesque island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. But never mind all of that, because “Mi verano con Amanda” is about a shy and somewhat awkward Gaby who is in-love with a gorgeous model, Amanda, who has no idea that this boy even exists. Typical in format to many coming-of-age films, yet, this story has many surprising twists and turns and definitely veers away from the “predictable.” Let us face facts, viewers, this movie is about a good time and that is precisely what youthful summers are all about! We are talking about pure fun, booze, partying, smoking pot and trying to roll around in the bed with whomever looks like a great time. This is not a John Hughes teenage love film, but “Mi verano con Amanda” will TRULY entertain you and remind you of the days of so long ago!


  • Director: Benjamin Lopez
  • Starring:   Jana Carrero, Joel Contreras, Christie Miro
  • Language: Spanish
  • Subtitles:  English



Today’s New Release: QUICK TO DUCK




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To say this movie is abstract is the biggest understatement on earth.” “”Quick to Duck” is downright weird. What film lover does not adore the incomparable Steve Guttenberg? Yes, he is a warm spot of the 80’s, a wonderful supporting actor in his heyday, yet in this film we are reminded of his utter talent and skill onscreen. This strange comedic drama is about the life of a doctor and group home owner for wayward teens. The doctor’s life is filled with all of the debauchery imaginable from hard core drugs to the pursuit of young females, all the while with the whispers of the law hot on his trail. One of my favorite moments in the film is when “grace” is said at the dinner table; “good God, God good, great food, good mood, enough said, get fed, Amen.” What are some of the aspect of Indie movies that most Indie fans love? Small budgets means more risks more risks equals increased creativity and of course, copious amounts of cursing! These are just some of my favorite points of “Quick to Duck,” viewers! If you are in the mood for an off-the-wall, fun, witty and strange movie, BIGSTAR has the perfect movie to settle in and watch tonight!



  • Director:  Robin Mountjoy
  • Starring:  Anthony Aveni, Erik Batykefer, Caryn Degrauwere




Today’s New Release: AVIDA



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Shot completely in black and white, such stark contrasts often mean brilliance, in this reviewer’s humble opinion. Completely strange, utterly awkward and almost impossible to follow at times, these are all of the completely perfect contributions which make this artsy film the true gem that it is. From random rhinos, to bizarre music, squeaky rubber dolls, live lobster thefts, and wrestling elderly men at golf courses, I would have to say that “Avida” will definitely hold your interest. It just may be THE MOST bizarre film I have ever witnessed. The cast of characters are colorful, edgy and completely compelling,( such as dwarves and obesity to the point of terror) to watch. There is not a great deal of script to the film it relies instead heavy on all of the imagery, which tell a most fantastic tale. That is one in which a dog-napping occurs by two ketamine-addicted zoo keepers, whose plan fails miserably and they are then forced to help the dog’s obese millionare owner Avida, carry out her death wish. This is a French comedy folks, so within that, I am going to say that it is a completely surreal comedic romp that you must explore today, only because I TRULY believe “Avida” is a charming cult-classic to-be!

  • Director:  Gustave de Kervern
  • Starring:  Velvet D’Amour, Anselme, Fernando Arrabal

Today’s New Release: I GOT FIVE ON IT TOO

i got five1



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For those of you who have seen the first “I Got Five On It,” you have a very good idea what is in store with this sequel. It starts out as bawdy as can be, with the opening scene in which Jimmy (Todd Bridges) and Barney Bumble (Chris Angelo) are trying to pick up on a hooker, and much to their surprise, she turns out to be transgender. Filled with not only the same cast as the previous film, but the same amount of debauchery, Barney Bumble is a fool as usual and Larry Poppins, played by James Bridges, is hilarious! This film is very low budget, stupid and low class, but folks, that is precisely why this Oakland film is so endearing, especially to folks from the Bay Area. There is an underlying storyline here, in which a bunch of dudes are trying to plan a hot party at Barney’s place, filled with gorgeous babes, tons of weed, some hard liquor and great beats. Yet “I Got Five On It Too,” is just a fun-filled, guy flick about debacles and mishaps that come with the territory. Complete with grotesque tales of pooping during sex, “dirty Sanchez’s,” blow-up dolls, and bathroom scenes, this sequel delivers plenty of raunchiness for all you Barney lovers out there! So roll up a fat one, pass it around, sit back and enjoy the hilarity and all night party that is TRULY a riot!

  • Directors: Eduardo Quiroz, Jose Quiroz
  • Starring: Chris Angelo, Jimmy Bridges, Todd Bridges

Today’s New Release: YOLKI 1




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Not many holidays are celebrated in the country of Russia. The exceptions to this unspoken rule are soccer wins and New Year’s. The film “Yolki 1” concentrates on the multitude of lives leading up to the celebration of New Year’s. I was surprised to learn that the very large country of Russia has time that stretches out to nine different time zones. In this film, in each distinct time zone, we our immersed in a small life story; giving us deep insight into the tale of a young girl’s need to impress her friends, a man madly in-love with his girlfriend whom he hasn’t seen in six months, a jewelry thief headed to jail, a woman enamored with her unfaithful fiancé, a lonely cab driver who pines after a supermodel and a college dude lying to impress his girlfriend. This film creates a beautiful tapestry of these lives, adding layer upon layer to create a TRULY heartwarming romantic comedy. The theory of “six degrees of separation” is explored and confirmed in this rich film. BIGSTAR has TRULY outdone themselves with this stirring film about the wonderful complexity of human life and how friendship, strangers and family can encourage us in our even saddest of hours. Give yourself a holiday treat by not letting this spectacular flick pass you by! “Yolki 1” has been added to this reviewer’s “must watch list” and I TRULY cannot WAIT for the next two sequels!

  • Director: Timur Bekmambetov
  • Starring: Dmitry Medvedev, Alina Bulynko
  • Language: Russian
  • Subtitles:  English


Today’s New Release: BEHOLD THE LAMB

behod the lamb1



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BIGSTAR has discovered yet another bizarre yet completely compelling film in “Behold the Lamb.” One of the oddest “dramedy’s” I have witnessed the flick starts out dark and witty and continues in that vain throughout the film.

Starring two unlikely characters who form an even more unlikely bond, she is a prostitute and mother; he is an older, epileptic single parent as well. The religious references are there as well, from the title, to the actual lamb, to cleansing water, yet the meaning of the film has so much more depth than that. It is the tale of redemption of the two people who fight one another and their inner demons as they cross the brilliant Northern Ireland landscape. Their journey takes its biggest and oddest twist when they happen upon a “drug-filled” lamb. Yes, viewers, your read that last line correctly. The strange expedition is filled with humor from dead dogs, to car naps, to toilet sex, to the banter between our two heroes. It has one misadventure after another but my favorite unfortunate event has to be when he (Eddie) misplaces the drug-loaded lamb and is sent out, on his own accord, to a muddy field to find it among a flock of sheep. Viewers, if you are into crazy road trips, than “Behold the Lamb” is TRULY the adventure you have been waiting for!


  • Director:  John McIlduff
  • Starring:  Aoife Duffin, Nigel O’Neill, Sandra Ni Bhroin