Today’s New Release: 200 POUNDS BEAUTY




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What a TRULY fantastic comedic gem this flick is! I cannot recall the last time I laughed so hard and felt so charmed by a romantic comedy. Written and directed by Kim Yong-hwa “200 Pounds Beauty” was a critical and commercial success when released in 2006. This film received countless nominations including Best Cinematography, Best Music and an award for Best Actress for Kim Ah-joong at the 2007 Grand Bell Awards. Kim Ah-joong also did all of her own singing in the film and her voice is quite amazing. The tale is that of Hanna, an overweight and insecure woman who is a part-time ghost singer and part-time phone sex worker. After careful thought and plenty of self-loathing, Hanna decides to have a complete plastic surgery overhaul. Unfortunately, this physical metamorphosis eventually changes her on the inside as well. Caught in her own web of lies and trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to hide her true identity, Hanna eventually can no longer handle the pressure of her “new” self. Yet what makes this film so completely different from the run-of-the-mill romantic comedy, are all of the unexpected and delightful laughs along the way. The comedic timing in this film is genius. Period. TRULY a fairy-tale story, a Cinderella-esque movie, “200 Pounds Beauty” is about making your deepest dreams come true, by being exactly who you are.


  • Director(s) Yong-hwa Kim
  • Starring Ah-jung Kim, Jin-mo Ju
  • Language(s) Korean
  • Subtitle(s) English

Today’s New Release: TENGERS




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“Tengers” has been the Official Selection at countless Film Festivals; including Cannes, Cambridge International, Grossman, and Rotterdam African Film Festival to name a few. Michael J. Rix has treated his film like his baby and it shows as he is the writer, director, producer, editor and cinematographer of this clever gem. As the very first full-length animation produced in South Africa, “Tengers” manages to deliver exactly what Rix passionately hoped for; a mix of entertainment that is not frivolous, a political but not preachy movie that manages to be sophisticated but not alienating. The film stars a character named Rob, who from the start, finds himself a part of a debacle. He is wrongly arrested for wearing a balaclava and being in the possession of a gun, at a bank. Yet Rob is not at the bank to rob anyone, instead he is there to see about a girl, the enchanting Christine. Yet this is the irony of life in South Africa, needing the gun as it is standard every day life in Johannesburg, but somehow ending up a suspect in a bank robbery. Not too long after, it appears that Rob’s luck is on an upswing as he wins a scratch-off ticket for “money for life” but in South Africa, this is not to be so, as Rob soon becomes convinced that the Lottery Service is looking to kill him so he cannot collect his winnings. Done in the art of Claymation, the movie perfectly describes the satire of modern day life in South Africa. TRULY tonight’s must watch, viewers!


  • Director: Michael J. Rix
  • Starring:  Jo Day, Phillip Mathebula and Michael J. Rix

Today’s New Release: EATING OUT 5: The Open Weekend




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“EATING OUT: The Open Weekend” is the 5th installment in a light-hearted, romantic, comedy series and is worth the view, folks! Directed by Q. Allan Brocka, written by Brocka and Phillip J. Bartell, this is not your everyday, ordinary gay movie. There is enough male eye candy to feed on for days, the men in this movie are stunning, to put it mildly. Returning for this installment are actors; Chris Salvatore, Daniel Skelton, Aaron Milo, Harmony Santana, Lilach Mendelovich, Rebekah Kochan, Mine Stole, and Joel Rush. The Eating Out series has brilliantly found a balance between pop culture and yet has also managed to challenge sexual norms. This particular film explores gay monogamy and the bittersweet understanding of two ex’s who still have much love for one another. The movie also manages to tackle the theory of “open relationships” and whether or not they create more closeness or tear two people apart. Seriousness aside, “EATING OUT 5: The Open Weekend” also delivers plenty of hilarious moments, tackiness and enough fun to keep us all more than simply entertained! I am always fond of romantic comedies that have a serious undertone and manage to deliver a message that is heartfelt. “EATING OUT 5: The Open Weekend” is full of so much gay love, sex and humor, that you will wish or want to watch the first four!


  • Director:  Q. Allan Brocka
  • Starring:  Chris Salvatore, Daniel Skelton, Aaron Milo, Lilach Mendelovich, Harmony Santana, Michael Vara, Alvaro Orlando, Jennifer Elise Cox, Mink Stole, Rebekah Kochan




Today’s New Release: GRINGO WEDDING



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Official Selection at countless festivals, including Bogota International Film Festival, Ft. Lauderdale, and Cartegena, as well as Winner at the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival, “Gringo Wedding” is a warm, romantic comedy by Tas Salini. Yes viewers, it is a romantic comedy that is predictable and adheres to the classic format, but so long as it makes us viewers feel good, do we really mind? Are there actually many romantic comedies out there that do not follow a specific formula? So let us dive into the premise friends; our lead is the handsome, playboy, Matt who grows tired and uneasy about his player lifestyle and confides to a friend that he would really like to meet a gorgeous Latina woman. (I am unsure why this is challenging for Matt in Miami, sarcasm intended.) Anyway, his friend leaves a flyer on his car that invites men to travel to Columbia for a week to meet women. Not surprising when I say Matt decides to do precisely that, meets the astonishingly gorgeous Rebecca and after just a few days, they fall in-love, make love and marry. This comes at the dismay of both of their families and this is aside from the more glaringly obvious reasons. When Rebecca moves to Miami to live with her new husband, the lifestyle and cultural change is more than her privileged self can bear and she returns to her home country. Will Matt pursue his wife and will they be able to compromise and find a life that they both can live? Well, “Gringo Wedding” is about finding that out and I discovered that answer and a few hours of entertainment too!

  • Director: Tas Salini
  • Starring:  Ana Lucia Dominguez, Justin Kane, Sebastian Boscan, Julio del Mar, Angelica Mallarino
  • Language(s) English, Spanish
  • Subtitle(s) English

Today’s New Release: MARGARINE WARS

margarine wars



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Ever had a bad day and needed something, anything, to turn that day around? Ever felt like you needed to laugh and just escape to a happier place because you are fighting off tears or frustration? Well, viewers, I had such a day, then “Margarine Wars” came along and changed absolutely everything for me! This is a feel-better, feel-good, no, feel-fantastic, light hearted comedy that will not just make you laugh but transport you to another time. The time period is 1967, it is the Summer of Love and for Howard Shmear it is also the unforgettable summer of his life. Howard leaves New York to set his sights on an acting pursuit in San Francisco, but unfortunately crashes his bus into a cow along the way in Wisconsin. This traveling hiccup turns into so much more, life moves slower in the country, people and businesses have a different way of life in the country, and Howard’s bus debacle leaves him there to learn of the people of this small dairy town and to learn more about himself. He soon discovers the insipid law that margarine is illegal in Butterfield, and becomes the “margarine pusher” so to speak. What ensues is utter hilarity and many poignant moments that will make you completely forget you are having a day other than an utterly fantastic one!


  • Director:  David Rich
  • Starring:  Doris Roberts, Robert Loggiapazmino, Dee Wallace, Ellen Muth


a return



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It is no wonder that this film premiered at several festivals around the world including; The Thessaloniki Film Festival, Mar de Plata Film Festival, and the Hellenic Film Academy Awards (where Psikou won Best First Film Director) because this Greek offering is a delightful combination of self-pity, dark humor and utter drama. It stars Christos Stergioglou (he won Best Actor at the Thessaloniki Festival) playing Antonis, a depressed, yet once beloved actor whose career has slowly slipped out of his fingers with time and age. To combat this career plight, Antonis comes up with the lame, cheap idea to stage his own kidnapping to regain the adoration and win the hearts and sympathy of his fans once again. Not only does this film manage to accentuate the craze that comes with fame from the famous to their fans, but (in Greek film style) it also manages to touch on the country at the time, which was in an economic depression so to speak. I must say, I always love it when a film can unfold both as the country and its characters lend so much value to a story. It is fun and funny to watch Antonis wallow in his own self pity and self loathing, that may sound strange, but it is in the darkest parts of the film that humor comes alive. Please do not dream of counting this movie out, as “The Eternal Return Of Antonis” is TRULY a spectacular satirical masterpiece!


  • Director:  Elina Psikou
  • Starring:  Christos Stergioglou, Maria Kallimani, Yorgos Souxes, Theodora Tzimou
  • Language:  Greek
  • Subtitles:  English




Today’s New Release: JUST WRITE

just write



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If you love Jeremy Piven as much as I do, than “Just Write” is yet another film you can add to the list of favorite Piven flicks. It is a simple, yet sweet and heartwarming love story. Harold (Jeremy Piven) is a Hollywood Stars Tour bus driver, with his sharp and witty tongue, it is his ideal job. That is, until one day, he runs into Amanda (Sherilyn Fenn) a Hollywood A-List celebrity and he forgets all logic and hides his career. Harold instead goes as far as to tell Amanda that he is a screenwriter. The more Harold and Amanda get to know one another, the deeper Harold digs himself into the hole he has created. It soon becomes imperative that Amanda learn the truth about Harold, but what will she decide once she does know? The upbeat and synthesized sounds of the nineties can be heard throughout this soundtrack, in “Just Write,” which is a fun jaunt down memory lane. And not unlike many romantic comedies of the 90′s, we have a certain predictability that goes without saying. Nevertheless, Piven and Fenn bring a charming and loving chemistry to this easy and breezy film, that TRULY will make you feel good, tonight!



  • Director: Andrew Gallerani
  • Starring:  Sherilyn Fenn, Jeremy Piven, JoBeth Williams, Holland Taylor, Ed McMahon, Jay Leno, Leonard Naomi, Wallace Shawn, Alex Rocco, Yeardley Smith
  • Language: English

Today’s New Release: SEXINA




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What we have here viewers, is a silly, sexy, light and fun-filled dramedy about a gorgeous bombshell pop star who lives a double life as a private investigator. Do not be fooled by the silly title, director Erik Sharkey takes his comedy seriously, meaning nothing is overlooked from start to finish, he manages to throw every ingredient into “Sexina” to create a delicious offering for us moviewatchers. The opening song of the film (sung by legendary Davey Jones) is done in the style of James Bond’s openings, with lyrics such as; ” she’s famous, but she has one more identity, she is hot, she is tough, she has the boobs and the brain of a queen, she’s every man’s dream,..” is a delightfully fun way to start a film like this, I would say. The pop superstar, Sexina is in competition with her male pop star equivalent, the handsome Lance and their interaction is a fun campy sort. Then there are Sexina’s “investigations” which are simply her dressing up head-to-toe in sexy leather and her asking others a multitude of questions. Sexina is on a quest to save the music industry from destruction. The fact that she has others do her legwork was not missed by this reviewer. However the scenes with Sexina and talk show host Lauren and the scene in which a man is mauled by another man in a bear costume, make the film “Sexina” worth the romp. Although “Sexina” is superficial and a bit childish, I would have to say that those are the aspects I frequently enjoy in movies intended on being simply light-hearted and amusing.

  • Director: Erik Sharkey
  • Starring:  Adam West, Annie Golden, Lauren D’Avella, Davy Jones, Allyn Rachel, Peter Stickles


Today’s New Release: THE CON ARTIST

con artist



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Biff and Jed are on a constant prowl for women and sex. Stuck in a remote village, the pickings are slim, but they have both managed to have their share of many local ladies until one day, a mysterious woman arrives in town and turns their lives upside down. Her visit to the town is to attempt to end her own life, fleeing the city and tragedies she has left behind, she decides to jump off of the “suicide bridge” that is, until Jed the farmer, rescues her. Jed happily saves her and brings her to his home where she quickly seduces him. It is not long until Jed’s best friend becomes interested in her too and this makes for a delicious mix-up, love triangle in which both men are adamant in proving their love for the gorgeous Michelle. Michelle takes great joy in playing them not only with their affections but also toying with their money. Director of over 125 films, Akira Fukamachi demonstrates his incredible knack for raunchy comedy and guiltless sex in this fun flick, “The Con Artist.” If you are seeking an adventurous, light hearted, sexy and witty film, snuggle up with your partner to TRULY enjoy, “The Con Artist,” tonight!



  • Director:  Akira Fukamachi
  • Starring: Yoko Satomi, Lemon Hanazawa, Kanae Mizuhara
  • Language:  Japanese
  • Subtitles:  English


just sex



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Think “Sex and the City” meets any Sandra Bullock romantic comedy and you have a good idea of the wittiness that “Just Sex and Nothing Else” delivers, viewers. Yes, I was laughing in the first five minutes and snort-laughing (attractive, I know) by ten minutes into the film. We have a beautiful thirty-something lead character, who is blonde, available, and completely and utterly single. The fact that she is a knock-out and completely successful seem to make little difference as she cannot seem to find the right man to marry and settle down with. Despite these blaring factors that would make childbearing an impossibility, our leading lady, Dora yearns with all of her heart, to have children and experience motherhood. This movie being a hilarious comedy, she of course, does not go about her quest for childbearing in the usual old-fashioned way. No instead, Dora puts out an ad (after the urging of her girlfriend) for yes, folks, a donor. You can, I am sure, only imagine the hilarity that ensues after she places such a call out there to the male race. Full of moments reminiscent of the chick flick, “Bridesmaids”, I must say that this little Hungarian gem of a comedy had me in stitches and wishing it would not end. If you are looking for a feel great romance, “Just Sex and Nothing Else,” is the perfect flick for your next date night.


  • Director:  Krisztina Goda
  • Starring:  Judit Schell, Kata Dobo, Sandor Csanyi
  • Language:  Hungarian
  • Subtitles:  English