Today’s New Release: BEHOLD THE LAMB

behod the lamb1



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BIGSTAR has discovered yet another bizarre yet completely compelling film in “Behold the Lamb.” One of the oddest “dramedy’s” I have witnessed the flick starts out dark and witty and continues in that vain throughout the film.

Starring two unlikely characters who form an even more unlikely bond, she is a prostitute and mother; he is an older, epileptic single parent as well. The religious references are there as well, from the title, to the actual lamb, to cleansing water, yet the meaning of the film has so much more depth than that. It is the tale of redemption of the two people who fight one another and their inner demons as they cross the brilliant Northern Ireland landscape. Their journey takes its biggest and oddest twist when they happen upon a “drug-filled” lamb. Yes, viewers, your read that last line correctly. The strange expedition is filled with humor from dead dogs, to car naps, to toilet sex, to the banter between our two heroes. It has one misadventure after another but my favorite unfortunate event has to be when he (Eddie) misplaces the drug-loaded lamb and is sent out, on his own accord, to a muddy field to find it among a flock of sheep. Viewers, if you are into crazy road trips, than “Behold the Lamb” is TRULY the adventure you have been waiting for!


  • Director:  John McIlduff
  • Starring:  Aoife Duffin, Nigel O’Neill, Sandra Ni Bhroin

Today’s New Release: BORN INTO SH*T

born into shit 1



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In this stylishly violent film, there is a certain heartwarming sarcasm as the movie is narrated by a young man who completely hates his parents and they completely loathe one another. There is also a delicious amount of assumptions that go around by all of the characters involved creating one mishap after another. All of this, coupled with examinations of sexual orientation, make “Born Into Sh*t” a BIGSTAR hit!

Tomas is a young, impressionable man with a lovely girlfriend, Madonna. When Tomas randomly sees his father out with another man whom he knows is gay, Tomas decides to have sex with Madonna to make sure homosexuality is not hereditary. Although he discovers he does in fact, prefer women, he manages to get Madonna pregnant in the process. (This is the first of many presumptions gone badly). What makes this film so exquisitely unique, is that prior to each segment of the film, the director decided to give us tidbits of the action that will unfold. Another story line that occurs is that of Tomas’ mother, who saves a suicidal woman from a train crash and it is not long after, that she is seduced by the delicate suicidal lady. There is yet another plot going on with the father of Tomas and what he REALLY does for a living. All of this accompanied with voiceovers at the end of certain scenes that echo the hilarious title, “Born Into Sh*t” make this flick a true gem.

Surely all of this is enough to pique your interests, viewers, as “Born Into Sh*t” held me, captivated me, and made me wish it was even a bit longer! If you (like me) love sarcasm, quick wit, and gun slingers who use old Coke bottles to mask the sound of gunfire, then “Born Into Sh*t” is THE film for you!

  • Director:  Marcel Bystron
  • Starring:  Edna Bolkan, Fernando Almada, Flavio Peniche
  • Language:  Czech
  • Subtitles: English

Today’s New Release: QUIET DAYS IN CLICHY

quiet days




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“Quiet Days in Clichy” is a remake of a 1970’s film that is also adapted from a book about the infamous Henry Miller. Full of breathtaking visuals, goddesses for women, and starring a beloved 80’s actor, this film is one to definitely peruse.

The bottom story line breaks down as such; Henry Miller (Andrew McCarthy) looks back at his much younger days to a specific period of time spent with a buddy and together, they explore the sexual underworld that Paris has to offer. They become particularly ensnared in a brothel run by an odd fellow named Adrienne. Somehow, the two young men, (Miller & Karl) instantly become enamored with the same, large-breasted beauty by the name of Colette and both strive to win her heart and affection.

There are some notable actors in the film (Eva Grimaldi and Mario Adorof) as well as deeply rich cinematography, and yes, viewers, these aspects do seem to make up for McCarthy’s fumbling portrayal of Miller. I am a HUGE Andrew McCarthy fan, yet this is one film he seemed to certainly struggle with. Nevertheless, there are more breasts and orgies than one can yearn for, in fact, this film completely reminded me of “Caligula” due to its “artistic eroticism.” The tale of a budding artist, the painfully gorgeous females, the amazing shots of Paris and the seedy joy of getting a glimpse at the sexual underworld will TRULY have you riveted! “Quiet Days in Clichy” is certainly worth shouting about!


  • Director: Claude Chabrol
  • Starring:  Andrew McCarthy, Nigel Havers, Barbara De Rossi


rock n roll



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This is one of THE MOST delightfully offensive movies I have watched in forever! From cow brains-to-massive amounts of cocaine-to men conversing with dead rats-to body parts soaked in formaldehyde, this is one strange horror trip to take!

There is seriously something that is going to offend each and every person in this raunchy flick including the scene where the gay priest has a cross shoved up his rear end. The main plot is that of an uncle, his necrophilia nephew and a bizarre pot head that get the hair brained scheme to go around desecrating dead legendary rockers gravesites. I am talking the likes of Jim Morrison, Liberace and Elvis to a name a few, in an effort to create the “ultimate super rock group.”

If you are a huge fan of cult classics like “Rocky Horror Picture Show” then this IS TRULY the film for you! It is super cheesy, completely disturbing, beyond hilarious, and TRULY one of the best “B” horror movies that has come out in a long time! If only all horror flicks could be this utterly clever, entertaining, and satisfying, than this girl would be in horror-heaven! This is now at the TOP of my “must-watch list” do not skip this film this week for Halloween!

  • Director: Brian O’Hara
  • Starring:  Graig Guggenheim, Jayson Spence, Barry Feterman

Today’s New Release: I AM BISH

i am bish 3



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What makes a film like this so damn witty? The film’s own self loathing! The film opens with such proclamations as “Made by an IDIOT,” “this film is much better than Street Kings but that’s not saying much,” and “parts of this film are based on true events, unfortunately.” Part comedy, part zombie horror, part anime, part documentary and utterly crazy, viewers, “I Am Bish” had me enthralled in the first three minutes.

The premise breaks down like this; David Bishop is in his final year at Perth Film School and is shooting a documentary for his graduating project. Things change when an unspecified “incident” wipes out the population of Western Australia leaving Bish as the only survivor. At first he truly enjoys this newly discovered power but when he encounters the busty and beautiful Sarah and everything changes for him. With romantic scenarios such as “one hand job later” and random cartoon images of men saying the word “c*cksucker” there is not a moment to be missed in “I Am Bish.” The lead character, Bish has one of my favorite quotes of the year; “If there is a man drought I am the rain.” Yes, viewers it is the refreshing originality of this film that will keep you glued to the screen the entire time.

“I Am Bish” is hilarious, deliciously raunchy, utterly “man-tastic,” and filled with blood-squirting zombies. It is a film that represents the Australian filmmakers continued innovation in comedy and direction. By far, this is TRULY the best flick I have watched in months!

  • Director:  Dave Bishop
  • Starring : Dave Bishop, Siobhan Dow-Hall

Today’s New Release: STRONG LANGUAGE




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Get ready to take a step back into the 90’s with Simon Rumley’s first film, “Strong Language.” This mockumentary –style film dabbles into the minds, dreams, aspirations and musings of 20-something Londoner’s of all professions and demographics to discover the make-up of each of these individual’s lives.

We are talking about a time when groups such as Oasis and the Spice Girls were what were hot. The scene was a mix of pop, grunge and heavily influenced by the trends of America. Director, writer and producer Rumley asks all of the crucial questions in this time period, offering us an illuminating glimpse of the culture of the youth in London. Every imaginable topic is broached and analyzed from authors to prostitutes to drugs to Kama Sutra to the economy and then some! These discussions are held by some interesting characters to say the least, yes, fetish models and tarot card readers, as well as well-to-do snobs and bike fanatics. Perhaps this is where the magic in “Strong Language” lies in the brutally honest, refreshing, funny and uncensored conversation that flows throughout the 2 hour piece.

“Strong Language” manages to TRULY balance revealing and entertaining insights into the London world at that time. Some critics may say that this movie is a now “dated” perspective, but I say that “Strong Language” is a deliciously witty time-capsule that offers not only a fascinating view of London life but two hours of TRUE entertainment as well!

  • Director:  Simon Rumley
  • Starring:  Ricci Harnett, Kelly Marcel, Tania Emery


Today’s New Release: NAKED NERVE ENDINGS

naked nerve



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According to the Histology of Sensory receptors,” naked nerve endings are: highly branched dendrite-like endings of sensory neurons and are not covered by Schwann cells. Naked nerve endings function as touch receptors in the cornea and pain receptors in skin and other areas.” This is a beautiful analogy of what the film “Naked Nerve Endings” is truly all about. Yes viewers, it is so much deeper than what it may seem at the start. It is an intelligent picture with an above average script and plenty of sarcasm and wit to keep one’s brain yearning for more, the whole way through.

Yes, there is a basic premise in which a bright young man named Wade (Joe Turk) comes up with a “brilliant” (insert sarcasm) pyramid scheme utilizing environmentally friendly products as his vehicle. Wade naturally employs other “marketing professionals” and it is utterly heartwarming that they take stoner breaks outside the office to help them with their “cold calls.” Think the movie “Clerks” for a moment folks and you have figured out a great deal about “Naked Nerve Endings.” When hippie-freak Dave Dodge (Steven Dean Davis) enters the “business pyramid” the film speeds up in a hurry. Dave Dodge is a terribly sarcastic, super-high, mellow dude whose interest lies in only one thing; cultivating his “following.” One of my favorite Dave moments is when he interrupts some pretty serious “marketing pitches” to shout out random things like; “GIRAFFE!”

The push and pull between business and art, marketing and pleasure, drums and environmentally sound products may sound like “surface talk” to most, but trust me viewers, “Naked Nerve Endings” dives much deeper than that to share a TRULY unusual yet satisfying perspective on life.

  • Director: Lance Lindahl
  • Starring:  Joe Turk, Steven Dean Davis, Austin Vaccaro, Joe Duffy

Today’s New Release: TO JENNIFER

to jennifer1



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“To Jennifer” is one of BIGSTAR’s latest creepy psychological treasures that is TRULY hard to turn away from. Grab your buddies, guys, and maybe a large pizza and some brews as this is one flick that is perfect for “distraction from college studies.” So the creep-show begins in that a guy named Joey suspects his girlfriend of cheating on him. Crushed, Joey asks his cousin Steven to embark on a “catch-the cheater” mission in which his cousin will document (with a video diary) both Joey’s heartache and Jennifer’s cheating ways. A premise like this asks some TRULY thought provoking questions. Is it better to love blindly, based on faith and blind trust? Or does one love with evidence and fact? How far should one go to prove that another has moved on? When love is clearly walking out the door, is it good to chase it anyway? “To Jennifer” answers some of these concerns and more. It is mainly about Joey and Steven and all of the mishaps, setbacks, and crazy encounters they experience along the way. I also loved the focus on the slow deterioration of Joey’s mind it seemed that with every passing minute in the film Joey comes closer and closer to the brink of insanity. “To Jennifer” TRULY exhibits what the mind can do, where it can slip and exemplifies how powerful thoughts can be. Viewers, come find out why restraining orders are sometimes extremely necessary.

  • Director:  James Cullen Bressack
  • Starring: Chuck Pappas, Jody Barton, James Cullen Bressack, Jessica Cameron


Bikini Bloodbath Christmas


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Only four minutes into “Bikini Bloodbath Christmas” and we already have quite the lovely array of breasts to feast our eyes on. “Bikini Bloodbath Christmas” is apparently the last chapter of the Bikini Bloodbath series in which there are always a lot of bikinis and the villain is a psychotic chef who is intent on killing women and any other innocent bystanders. In this third installment there are two neighboring stores who are preparing themselves for a Christmas season of high sales. The manager of Mrs. Johnson’s Bong Shoppe runs a tight-ship giving his bikini-clad employees such motivational words as; “ If I get one more customer complaining about pubes in the bong water, I’ll burn your face off.” Whereas the manager of the Christian Deli (HE goes by the name of Geena Davis) simply tells his female entourage; “Let’s work hard to succeed because God hates failure!” These two stores seem to be constantly beefing with one another to the point that all of the sultry ladies decide to meet in a cemetery (naturally) to fight each other. Viewers, there are shower scenes with girls bathing one another, scenes of heaps of ladies dressing and undressing and I suppose these little montages have something to do with the storyline but I am honestly not sure what exactly and I imagine the men will not care. The killer chef continues to run around killing off the bikini babes one by one, and as far as the gore is concerned, there is a little disemboweling which is pretty cool but the movie leans a little more towards comedy than horror anyway. “Bikini Bloodbath Christmas” is TRULY perfect in its excessive hot tub, strip poker and house party pointless scenes. After all, who TRULY would not want to laugh aloud at Christmas?

  • Director: Jon Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour
  • Starring:  Rachel Robbins, Niki Rubin, Phil Hall, Dick Boland, Margaret Rose Champagne, Sheri Lynn, Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman and Moniqui dupree

Today’s New Release: I HEART DOOMSDAY



i heart doomsday 3


Click To Stream!Love triangles can be a truly delicate and messy entity “I Heart Doomsday” proves this is indeed an understatement as it is the most epic love triangle I have witnessed in my young life. This the story of a mad scientist by the name of Professor Maxmillian von Max who began his illustrious career as one of the world’s leading experts in weapons of mass destruction until eventually his radical ideas left him scorned in his well respected professional community. It is because of the lovely Tatiana Vlaskovsky, his lover and personal assistant, by his side that the scientist feels himself and ambitions limitless until tragedy of epic proportions ruins everything. This tragic lab accident leaves the professor horribly disfigured and his greatest love, Tatiana, with complete amnesia. Obviously, this tears the blissful couple apart and thus begins the utter obsession of the mad scientist to win back his beloved. Professor Maxmillian builds an ANDROID viewers, yes, you read that right! Naturally, he names it the “A1” and of course it is his vision so it is built in his own image to reignite memories with Tatiana of the life and love they once shared. One of my favorite things about “I Heart Doomsday” aside from the amazingly AWESOME premise, is the super cool ray gun that is fashioned from a bottle and a light bulb, or how unpretentious yet hilarious this romantic comedy truly is! Unfortunately for the mad scientist, the robot and Tatiana fall in love, leaving a jealous, homicidal Max in the lurch creating a bizarre love triangle of TRULY apocalyptic proportions. Viewers, I invite you to discover why love WILL make you TRULY crazy! I urge you to not deny yourself one of the strangest, wittiest, romantic comedies ever!


  • Director: Patrick Downing
  • Starring: Joe Cobden, Christine Ghawi, Trevor Hayes