‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Frozen’ Break Turkey Day Records

Jennifer Lawrence and the gang pulled in a whopping $110.1 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. This brings the domestic total for the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel to almost $300 million in the first 10 days! The movie set a new record for the highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend, leaving ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ in the dust.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ took in $93 million over the course of the 5-day holiday weekend. This also surpassed the ‘Harry Potter’ record, despite the large gap behind ‘Catching Fire.’

‘Thor: The Dark World’ remained in third place with $15.5 million over the Thanksgiving stretch.


‘Catching Fire’ Wins the Weekend Box Office

Just as we had expected, ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ took the box office by storm this weekend. Jennifer Lawrence led the film to the top, earning $161.1 million.

Not only did ‘Catching Fire’ win the weekend box office, it also broke two records: the highest grossing November debut and the most successful debut for Lionsgate in history. The original ‘Hunger Games’ film earned $152.5 million back in March 2012.

Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Thor: The Dark World’ slid to second place with just $14.1 million.’The Best Man Holiday’ fell into third, taking in $12.5 million.

Subway Lauches Limited Edition “Hunger Games” Footlongs

‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ has teamed up with Subway to provide fans with some fiery subs. The sandwich chain has agreed to promotoe the latest ‘Hunger Games’ film with limited edition footlongs.

Subway will be offering two ‘Catching Fire’ options that are sure to make your mouth burn: The Sriracha Chicken Melt and the Sriracha Steak Melt. In edition to these two subs, the restaurant will also offer Buffalo Chicken and the Turkey Jalapeno Melt, which were already available to Subway-goers.

Which footlong will you get from the “Fiery Footlong” Collection?


A Humble Jennifer Lawrence Gives Mom Her Oscar

Stunning actress, Jennifer Lawrence apparently felt “odd” having her Oscar on display in her home. The modest ‘Hunger Games’ star decided to give her award to her mother to put on display.

Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar  for Best Actress this year for her role in ‘Silver Linings PLaybook.’

So, friends of Jennifer will be disappointed if they are looking to get a glimpse of the little golden man while over at her place. The actress plans to let her mother keep the award at her parent’s home for the time being.

Jennifer Lawrence’s First Oscar Appearance

Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence made her first Oscar appearance Sunday evening. The actress was nominated and won the award for Best Actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

The actress took a slight tumble while walking up the stairs to accept her award. Dressed in Dior Haute Couture, Jennifer Lawrence graciously continued across the stage to give her acceptance speech for Best Actress.

There is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of the 22-year-old star this year.



If You Love ‘The Hunger Games’ Then You’ll Love This Clip

Source: EW.com

If you are a die-hard ‘Avengers’ or ‘Hunger Games’ fan, then you will love Sesame Street‘s take on two of the highest-grossing films of the year. Cookie monster and Grover crack all sorts of jokes about the two films in their movie musical. Head over to EW.com to watch the ridiculously funny skit.

Catch Jennifer Lawrence in ‘House at the End of the Street’

Source: filmofilia.com

We all remember Jennifer Lawrence from her movie debut in The Hunger Games. This time around, she will be taking on a scary role in the upcoming film, House at the End of the Street.

Lawrence will reveal a darker, scarier side of her in order to escape the Katniss Everdeen role that everyone is familiar with.

The movie tells the story of a family that moves next door to a house that has dark history. Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Elissa, who’s mother warns her not to associate with the inhabitant of the house that was once a murder scene. She soon becomes involved in solving the murder mystery, while avoiding becoming the next victim.

The film hits theaters nationwide September 21.

Happy Birthday Woody Harrelson!

Woody Harrelson was born in Midland, Texas and spent his teen years in Lebanon, Ohio. He attended Hanover College in Indiana, majoring in theater arts and English. He never graduated but was later given honorary degrees. After dropping out he moved to New York to pursue an acting career.

Woody has kept himself busy between shooting the first ‘Hunger Games’ and its sequel, working on upcoming films like ‘Seven Psychopaths’, ‘Now You See Me’ and ‘Dust to Dust’, which will all be released either by the end of the calendar year or in 2013.

Here are some fun facts about the actor:

  • He’s a vegan.
  • Moonlights as the lead singer in the band Manly Moondog and the Three Kool Hats.
  • Used to be married to Neil Simon’s daughter, Nancy Simon.
  • Was arrested in Columbus (Ohio) in June 1983, charged of disorderly conduct – he was dancing in the street, halting traffic; he later jumped out of a moving police van laughing maniacally and finally punched one of the two arresting officers to the ground.
  • Claims to have had 17 jobs in one year.
  • Activist for the legalization of marijuana.
  • Lovingly refers to his three daughters as the “Goddess trilogy”.
  • His father, convicted murderer Charles Harrelson died on March 15th, 2007 in a federal super-maximum prison in Colorado.
  • Maintains a house on Hana in Maui, and his neighbors include Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson. The three have been known to play poker together.
  • Big fan of Bill Murray. Bill appeared in ‘Zombieland’ (2009) as a favor to Woody.

Weekend Box Office Report

Weekend Actuals (April 20-22):
1. Think Like a Man – $33,636,303
2. The Lucky One – $22,518,358
3. The Hunger Games – $14,666,007

‘Think Like a Man’ opened with $33.6 million from just 2,015 theaters. That’s about a $16,675 per-theater average which is third-highest so far in 2012.

Our last box office blog suggested surprise among the entertainment industry, but in hindsight the success of ‘Think Like a Man’ really shouldn’t be all that unexpected. The movie successfully delivers an entertaining story built around Steve Harvey’s popular self-help book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, making the movie a must see for millions of people who have already read the book.

Yes, people do read today.

You know Lionsgate is watching this movie’s box office success very closely as they have a similar film, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’, set to release next month. This movie is clearly geared towards women and is also adapted from a book.

‘The Hunger Games’ slowed 31 percent to $14.7 million this weekend, bringing the total to $357.1 million – that’s 19th all-time. After a month in theaters, it is almost even with ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2′ by no more than $300K, and is currently on pace to close even higher than Potter’s $381 million total.

‘Hunger Games’ Still In The Lead

Once again, ‘The Hunger Games’ took the lead in Friday’s box office with an estimated $6.5 million, with ‘The Three Stooges’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ battling it out for second with $5.6 million and $5.5 million, respectively. What movies do you plan to see this weekend?

Here are a few fun facts about the movie that you probably didn’t know!

  • While horsing around on the set, Jennifer Lawrence, accidentally kicked Josh Hutcherson in the head, knocking him out and resulting in a concussion.
  • Elizabeth Banks spent 45 minutes every day having manicures done on her fingers.
  • Alexander Ludwig worked out for four hours a day with a US Navy Seal to get into shape for his role as Cato.
  • Composer Danny Elfman left the film due to a scheduling conflict and was replaced by James Newton Howard.