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"Monte Cassino": The story of the Battle of Monte Cassino where, in 1944, the Allies tried to break through the German lines to reach Rome. It was the bloodiest battle of the war in the West and its story is told by men who fought in the American, British and Polish divisions that stormed the rugged Italian mountains to come to grip with elite German paratroopers.

"The White Mountain Abduction": In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were driving at night through the White Mountains of New Hampshire when they noticed that a bright light in the sky was following them.

"Like a Puppet Out of Strings": Two Brothers, Tom and Felipe, have moved up the ranks of the street gangs because they have no greater devotion than the protection of each other. Luis, former gang member, is now a cop, his life having been turned around by Angelica, a female cop. When Tom is blamed for the shooting death of Angelica, a crime his brother Felipe committed, Felipe is forced to agree to Luis' terms in order to save Tom.

"Butterfly Crush": Butterfly Crush is a modern love story, starring award winning Australian actress Amelia Shankley, and set against the backdrop of the Sydney music industry. The song and dance duo, Butterfly Crush are about to break big, and are up for the Australasian Song Awards, but their chance at success is jeopardized when half of the duo; Eva, gets involved with a Kings Cross cult, the “Dreamguides”, deep into astrology and virtual dreaming. Moana must risk everything to save her, in this brand new contemporary feature about music and love.

"JarRing": JarRing follows four friends who accidentally discover a phone number with the most bizarre messages. After calling for their daily dose of perverted phone poetry, two of them disappear. Inspired by true events, JarRing is the story of a serial killer who was never caught, and a serial caller who’s remains were never found. Like the irresistible siren song of Homer’s Odyssey, the Killing Jar Murderer lures potential victims with perversely poetic cell phone messages.

"Stronger Than Blood": Tommy and Sule are like brothers; through their short lives of 19 years, their friendship has become bulletproof. Their gang is their family and they live life like there's no tomorrow. They dream of opening an auto body shop together, but Tommy gets caught in a botched drug deal and sent to juvenile prison. When he gets released after 6 months, Tommy plans to straighten his life out and is desperate to find out who snitched on him. Stars Jacob Matschenz, Burak Yigit, Balder Beyer and Aylin Tezel.

"Look, Stranger": Set in an unidentified world at war, this is the story of a woman making a dangerous journey home. When her guide is killed on the road in an arbitrary act of violence, the woman is forced to rely on a young man, who agrees to travel with her for a price. Increasingly unable to distinguish between reality and hallucination, the woman finds comfort in her relationship with the man and in the presence of a mysterious child from her past. An intense character and landscape study; Look, Stranger is a visual meditation on the psychological trauma of war.

"Lost River, Lincoln's Secret Weapon": Lost River is based on the true story of Anna Ella Carroll, an unrecognized heroine of the American Civil War. She was raised to know law and politics even though there were no women lawyers or women politicians at the time. She became a lobbyist and a reporter. She also helped start the American Party. When the Civil War began, she helped keep Maryland in the Union by presenting Abraham Lincoln with a legal brief setting forth his presidential powers.

"White Knuckles": A 40 year old marriage stuck in a perpetual downward spiral leads to a lifealtering epiphany about the true value of life for a depressed housewife and her terminally cantankerous husband. Pushed to a mental breaking point by her ornery husband's oppressively negative attitude an outwardly kind housewife begins poisoning his food. Later when the husband is rushed to the hospital in critical condition the prospect of facing death has a profound effect on both him and his longsuffering spouse.