Catch Zack Galifianakis in Visioneers

The Jeffers Corporation is a world success, endorsed by the U.S. President, pitching productivity and happy talk. George is a third level employee, supervising three or four others.

Around the world, people are exploding as the stress of denying feelings takes its toll. The Jeffers’ response: mind control. George and his wife are miserable: he’s impotent with occasional fits of infantile pique. She’s reading a book on happiness, trying everything.

His brother, released from prison, starts of freedom-of-expression movement in George’s backyard. Plus there’s Charisma, a woman from Level Four who sends him paperwork – with smiley faces. Can George connect?

Video Fashion Collection Season 3

Not watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show tonight? Watch one of ours!

‘Video Fashion Collection Season 3′ is a great compilation of runway shows, fashion interviews, and more. This high fashion series will take you all over the world, so get ready to be transported from one fashion week to another.

From Paris to New York, there is not a dull moment in this tasteful collection.

With over 35 years of fashion coverage, Videofashion’s video vault is your unparalled source for timeless style. Enjoy!

Spiderman to Ring in NYE in Times Square

The famous Spidey will be perched upon the most famous ball in the middle of Times Square this New Year’s Eve. The stunt is to promote the upcoming Spiderman film. ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2′ will hit theaters on May 2, 2014.

This will be the first time that anyone/thing will be positioned on the New Years ball for the world to see. Spiderman will appear on the ball in Times Square, and footage from the film will be shown in front of millions of spectators.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Takes Over the Weekend Box Office

Walt Disney’s ‘Frozen’ dominated the weekend box office, earning $31.6 million. This is the film’s second week out in theaters and features the voices of Kristen Bell and Josh Gad.

‘Catching Fire’ slipped to second place this weekend, taking in about $27 million.

Christian Bale’s ‘Out of the Furnace’ snagged third place with just $5.3 million.

Date Night Pick of the Week: “Racing Daylight”

A critically acclaimed tale of lovers from two different times suggesting the magical reality of re-incarnation; RACING DAYLIGHT is a ghost story, a murder mystery and a supernatural love story transcending time.

Sadie Stokes (Melissa Leo) is a librarian in the present time who’s returned to the family farm to care for her catatonic Grandma. There have always been Stokes in Cedarsville and Sadie and Grandma are the last ones. Except for the longing Sadie bears for Henry (David Strathairn), the farm’s local handyman, she’s pretty content to let life pass her by, until a man appears in her mirror, calling her Anna before he disappears. As Sadie starts to take on the characteristics of her ancestor Anna Stokes, she realizes that they both want the same thing; they both want Henry. Only Anna believes Henry is her long lost Harry from centuries past, and Henry may in the end, be the one with the key that settles the past, allowing them the freedom to join together in a future of racing daylight.

Get in the Snowboarding Mood with ‘Last Winter’

“Last Winter” is all about last winter – a collection of snowboard adventures from around the world! This isn’t your usual rider section film.

This is the ChunkyKnit girls inviting you to explore new boundaries and be part of our experiences from last winter. Produced not only by the ChunkyKnit film crew but also the riders themselves “Last Winter” includes a Romanian mountain hut trip, an Olympic Documentary, snowboarding in Scotland and a short film by Kjersti Buaas as well as lots of world class riding footage and other stories.

It’s safe to say the ChunkyKnit girls have been pushing it once again.

‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Frozen’ Break Turkey Day Records

Jennifer Lawrence and the gang pulled in a whopping $110.1 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. This brings the domestic total for the ‘Hunger Games’ sequel to almost $300 million in the first 10 days! The movie set a new record for the highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend, leaving ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ in the dust.

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ took in $93 million over the course of the 5-day holiday weekend. This also surpassed the ‘Harry Potter’ record, despite the large gap behind ‘Catching Fire.’

‘Thor: The Dark World’ remained in third place with $15.5 million over the Thanksgiving stretch.


Catch Jason Biggs and Anthony Hopkins in “The Third Rule”

Two slackers seek a solution for their financial problems through the help of a Guru.
Check out Jason Biggs and Anthony Hopkins in this great little short. This movie has dry sophisticated movie mixed with some top-knotch actors.

Wish you had ‘The Perfect Family’?

Suburban supermom Eileen Cleary (Academy Award® nominee Kathleen Turner) is the ultimate Catholic, and when she’s nominated for the coveted Catholic Woman of the Year Award at her local parish, it looks like she’s about to get the plaque to prove it. Only one final test remains—introducing her family to the church board for the seal of approval.

Now, she must finally face the truth about her nonconformist family—a truth she has been glossing over for years. Her gay daughter, Shannon (Emily Deschanel), is about to marry her life partner. Her unhappily married son Frank Jr. (Jason Ritter) is having an affair with the local manicurist. And Eileen’s own marriage to a recovered alcoholic is pulling at the seams….

This heartfelt dysfunctional family comedy boasts a memorable performance from Academy Award® nominee Turner as the conflicted and comical matriarch, alongside a bright ensemble cast including Richard Chamberlain and Michael McGrady. Newcomer director Anne Renton keeps the pacing taut and crafts an honest, modern family tale, and writers Claire V. Riley and Paula Goldberg infuse just the right amount of seriousness and levity into their script, reminding us that family is never truly perfect.

Get Ready for a ‘Holiday Engagement’

Thirty-something Hillary Burns has spent her life trying to get the approval of her parents, most specifically her judgmental mother, Meredith Burns, thus far without success. Part of that approval for Hillary is to marry the right man.

That’s why Hillary is so happy that she is engaged to successful lawyer Jason King, who she will bring home to meet the family for the first time at their Thanksgiving get-together weekend in a week’s time. However, Hillary’s life starts to fall apart when simultaneously she loses her part-time newspaper writing job when the newspaper itself folds, and Jason dumps her as he tries to focus on his career which is seemingly more important to him than Hillary.

On the advice of her best friend Sophie, Hillary – who feels she can’t go home without Jason, especially as her two sisters’ lives seem to meet their mother’s approval – decides reluctantly to go to an online dating site to find someone to pose as Jason at the upcoming family weekend.