Video Fashion Collection Season 3

Not watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show tonight? Watch one of ours!

‘Video Fashion Collection Season 3′ is a great compilation of runway shows, fashion interviews, and more. This high fashion series will take you all over the world, so get ready to be transported from one fashion week to another.

From Paris to New York, there is not a dull moment in this tasteful collection.

With over 35 years of fashion coverage, Videofashion’s video vault is your unparalled source for timeless style. Enjoy!

The Upper East’s Dark Side

Jane had it all: a high profile job, a fashionable brownstone on the Upper East Side, and a hip artist husband.

Jane realizes that she must risk it all to find out who she really is and leave behind the life she’s always known.

PBS Documentary on NYC Graffiti During the 1970s & 80s

Some call it tagging, some call it writing, still others call it bombing–it’s all graffiti. Whether it’s art or not is another matter, but it’s undeniably illegal. Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant’s historic PBS documentary Style Wars tracks the rise and fall of subway graffiti in New York in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

At the peak of its popularity, graffiti was as much a part of B-boy culture as rapping, scratching, and breaking. Thefilmmakers present a sympathetic, but well-rounded portrait of their subject through extensive interviews with taggers–notably Seen, Kase, and Dondi–art collectors, transit authorities, and even Mayor Ed Koch, who would eventually put the hammer down. Along the way, they documented the burgeoning breakdance scene, with a focus on the world-famous Rock Steady Crew. The soundtrack features selections from Grandmaster Flash, the Treacherous Three, and other tagger-approved icons of old-school hip-hop.

Surfing Monks? Why Not.

Ocean Monk chronicles the soul-searching of a group of monks living in New York City.

Students of the late Indian teacher, Sri Chinmoy, who lived in Queens for over 40 years, this band of friends discovers the beauty and power of the nearby surfing beaches and incorporate their love for the ocean into their search for enlightenment.

Includes appearances by Kelly Slater, Jack Johnson and Titus Kinimaka.

Matilda’s Big Broadway Opening

Straight from London, ‘Matilda’ has exceeded its high expections on Broadway since its opening on April 11. We all know and love the original 90s film about a young girl with magical powers who tries to escape her evil parents and headmistress.

The musical version of ‘Matilda’ joined the million-dollar club last week, earning $1,129,419 at the Broadway box office. ‘Matida’ has out-shined ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Annie’ which also recently opened as family musicals on Broadway.

‘Matilda’ is likely to be in the running for top musical at the Tony Awards this Spring.


‘God Save My Shoes’: A Documentary About Women & Their Relationship With Shoes!


OK ladies (and men)… You know exactly where this is going…

‘God Save My Shoes’ is a documentary about the relationship between women and shoes.  Set on a quest to decipher-from a psychological, sociological, historical, cultural, and erotic perspective-the fiery emotions that shoes exert on most women (and on quite some men), ‘God Save my Shoes’ went from New York to Los Angeles, Paris to Milan, Toronto and Florence to interview extreme shoe collectors, from everyday women to celebrities, fashion historian, and all those that play a role in the ubiquitous shoe phenomenon!

Directed by Julie Benasra and starring Manolo Blahnik, Meghan Cleary, and Stacy Ferguson.


April 1961: Bob Dylan Plays His First Paying Performance in NYC

In April 1961, Bob Dylan played his first paying performance at Folk City, an early folk music venue in Greenwich Village, New York, and a launching pad for folk legends such as Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, and others. Since that opening debut, Dylan’s lyrical genius has ingrained itself into the fabric of rock and folk music history.

In honor of his debut, check out these three original documentaries featuring the legends and myths surrounding the early life, career, world tours, and never before released home movie footage of Bob Dylan himself.

Throwback Thursday: 1980 Interview With Tony Danza & His Porsche!

It’s “Throwback Thursday” and we found some old footage from a Huell Howser 1980 interview with actor Tony Danza at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles… That’s 33 years ago!

Huell Howser’s interviews were always very natural and barely edited so you really get to see the interviewee be themselves.  Here, a very young and fresh Tony Danza (‘Taxi’ & ‘Who’s The Boss?’), talks about life in LA versus New York, being charitable to kids, his sweet ’57 Porsche Speedster, and his upcoming movie ‘Going Ape’ starring Jessica Walter, Danny DeVito and three orangutans.

Two of my favorite things about it are Danza’s complete honesty and all the old, classic cars passing by in the background.


Gatsby Trailer

Warner Bros. has finally launched the trailer for “The Great Gatsby” after releasing two of the character posters just yesterday.

The trailer provides us with a glimpse into the Gatsby days, when the music was loud and parties ran late. You don’t have to watch closely to notice the flappers, opulence, and crime that defined the Roaring 20s.

Although the film was filmed in Australia, we can tell from the trailer that Warner Bros. did an excellent job at replicating Long Island’s Gold Coast.

There is so much to love about this trailer, and we hope that it makes you excited about the film’s release this May.


What Happened to the Little Girl in ‘Titanic?’

Fifteen years ago, Ellie Bensinger played the cute little girl in the tea room in James Cameron’s “Titanic.” Now, the actress is twenty-one and moving on to new roles.

She recently said in a statement, ”My official title was ‘Tea Room Girl.’ I played a girl sitting at tea with her mother, being taught how to be proper. It’s the scene where Kate Winslet is having tea with her mom and she looks over her shoulder and sees me, being taught to be a member of society. It makes her have reservations.”

Ellie auditioned for the part at Warner Bros. when she was just five-years-old. She admitted to originally turning the part down once they revealed that the scene would be shot on Halloween.”My mom turned down the part because she didn’t want me missing out on having a Halloween.” Luckily, the scene was pushed back allowing Ellie to enjoy both trick-or-treating, and being on set.

Her mom even made an appearance in the film playing the “Team Room Girl’s” mother after they forgot to cast the role. She was coincidentally picked by Cameron, who later discovered that she was Ellie’s actual mother.

The young star has upcoming roles in the movies “Labor Day” and “Movie 43.” She currently attends Northwestern University and plans on chasing her dreams in New York City upon graduation.