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Fifty Shades Uncovered
Jonathan of the Bears
The Queen and The Eunuch: Pleiades

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Even though it's reported that the Oscars were down double digits in ratings compared to last year's, it was still the event of the planet last night as the drama... Read More

"I saw people reading the paperback editions of FIFTY SHADES OF GREYon the New York subway, which I don't think you would've seen a generation ago."~SARA NELSON (Editorial Director for... Read More

This is it. A period piece that strikes home for so many people all over the world. From oppressive inner city beginnings to worldwide business class, this will tell the... Read More

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Sins Expiation

Sins Expiation: David begins experiencing cloudy memories of a long-lost life amidst the violent Cortello family in Sicily... a family he ultimately betrayed. And the wages of sin are deadly.