Steel Frontier

Mad Max meets the Man With No Name in this futuristic story of a gunfighter (Joe Lara), who goes after a band of marauders who are terrorizing everyone and killing indiscriminately. As with the spaghetti westerns, the lone gunman enters into a town where the people have lost the will to fight back and proceeds to kill off the bad guys single-handedly. But once he is out-numbered totally and wounded, some do find the capability to fight back. Chief of those who try to aid him is a widow (Stacie Foster) with a young son. Brion James plays the general in charge of the marauders.

Movie Details

  • (11 Ratings, Overall: 3.5)
  • Director(s) Jacobsen Hart, Paul G. Volk
  • Starring Joe Lara, Bo Svenson, Brion James, Kane Hodder, James C. Victor, Brian Huckeba, Jim Cody, Williams Adolfo ,Quinones, Sandra Ellis Lafferty
  • Language(s) English
  • Subtitle(s) N/A
  • Released January 01, 1995
  • Genre
  • Run Time 101 minutes
  • Rating NR

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