The Day of the Dead

THE DAY OF THE DEAD Based on true facts, a gang of suburban kids is sport-killing home-less people just for fun in the streets of Chicago. One day, they decide to try a new excitement, by murdering a young Mexican working girl, assuming there would be no consequences since she was illegal. Police detective Carla Moreno takes the case personally and starts an investigation that leads her to a case of racial hatred and police corruption. ...more

Movie Details

  • (65 Ratings, Overall: 3.7)
  • Director(s) Ricardo Islas
  • Starring Salomón Carmona, Max Da'Silva, Christina De Leon, Kris Desautels, Ben Dubash, Cyn Dulay, Mark Edwards, Rosa Isela Frausto
  • Language(s) English and Spanish
  • Subtitle(s) English
  • Released January 01, 2008
  • Genre
  • Run Time 101 minutes
  • Rating R

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